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Finland: Homes Built by Finnish Government For Repatriation Being Used by Bosnians as Second Homes…….

Refugees refusing to leave Finland
even if they’re given a free home

What will it take for them to leave?

The Finnish state is getting fed up with its Bosnian refugees, it appears that it’s honest, helping hand attempt to repatriate them back to Bosnia has hit a snag, they’ve either refused to return, or have used the property as an opportunity for their own self aggrandizement….and all at the expense of the Finnish tax payer. KGS

In 2003 and 2004, the Finnish state and Finn Church Aid joined forces to help Bosnian refugees living in Finland return home. According to the YLE current events program A-Zoom, not everyone was eager to move back.

Finland spent some 300,000 euros building and reconstructing homes to help 22 Bosnian refugee families go home. The refugees fled their troubled homeland in the early 1990s during the Bosnian War.

But not all the families who received new homes moved back. In fact, nine of the families are still living in Finland. Some have used their new quarters as holiday homes.

Finn Church Aid has expressed disappointment in the situation.

“Naturally, Finn Church Aid’s goal was for all of the homes to be occupied. It was certainly not our hope that these homes would remain vacant,” said Merja Luukkanen, a coordinator at Finn Church Aid.

Meanwhile, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, which was responsible for funding the project, told YLE by email it has the legal right to demand reimbursement from families who did not move back to Bosnia. The Ministry is now trying to decide whether to take measures to recover the money.

NOTE: They actually need to decide on whether to recover the funds? Really?

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  1. Now let's see. These people can either go back to Bosnia living cosily in a free home, but trying very hard to scrape by a meagre living (unimaginative and unresourceful as they are) or either they can reap the rewards of the Finnish welfare state, contributing exactly eff all to Finnish society. Very hard choice, that !

    Now that's just me putting two and two together…

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