B.Hussein Fails to Reassure Some Jewish Leaders…….

Obama’s street cred still flailing
over commitment to Israel

Obama: Take it as a sign Moody!

Of course it matters what US Jewish leaders think about bogus POTUS’s policy towards Israel, but I wouldn’t read too much into it. At the end of the day, what matters most for Obama’s supposedly “great plan” in ending the war between the Arabs and Israel, is how Israel’s Left takes hold of Obama’s plans.

Right now, the Left in Israel is as skeptical of Obama as is the Right-wing, so the Tundra Tabloids does not foresee a massive outpouring of Israel Left-wingers taking to the streets to demand the Likud led government to change its present course any time soon.

That is the only scenario that would put pressure on a Likud led government to listen to B.Hussein. It’s also my opinion that the Israeli PM is more willing to test the strength of the Israeli-US relationship, than risk a breakup of his very fragile government.

Besides, Israel has other cards to play if the going gets real tough with the Obama administration. The US is not the only political power on the block, the Russians, Chinese or even the Indians and Brazil could find and interested Israel wanting to explore the possibility of deepening relations if the old US-Israel alliance begins to weaken to the point of collapse.

It’s not to say that that will happen, this is all of course, pure conjecture, but as a sovereign state, Israel has the fundamental and MORAL right to secure the best possible alliance to ensure its own survival. The Israeli Left UNDERSTANDS this, that’s why they are not presently walking through the streets of Tel Aviv hitting the bottom of pots and pans with spoons and blowing whistles demanding a change in the present government.

They KNOW that Netanyahu represents the best chance they’ve got in staying alive, which is why that at the end of the day, you shouldn’t read to much into what US Jewish leaders think, it’s what the Israelis themselves think that matters most, and presently, they are not very much impressed with B.Hussein Obama. KGS


Several Jewish officials said Tuesday that US President Barack Obama’s efforts to reassure them on US policy towards Israel had not assuaged their concerns.

Though they welcomed Monday’s intimate face-to-face discussion at the White House and were pleased that Obama acknowledged that some in the community were worried, they said it was insufficient to dispel their doubts about his approach towards Israel.

In the meeting, according to participants, Obama expressed strong support for Israel and acknowledged a ‘misperception’ that the US was disproportionately pressuring Israel, indicating that the US would be doing more to prod the Palestinians and Arab countries forward. But he also defended positions that have precipitated some of the most public disputes between the US and Israel in years.

The Orthodox Union, which stakes out positions in keeping with a constituency that is largely right of center, was the only organization of the 14 included to issue a statement taking the president to task, while the progressive groups present largely applauded Obama’s positions.

But several representatives from mainstream Jewish groups in the room told The Jerusalem Post that they still felt somewhat uneasy following the meeting.

“I am concerned that the Obama administration is falling into the trap of blaming all the problems with the peace process and region generally on Israel,” said an official from one such organization, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

He pointed to Obama’s comments noting that differences between the US and Israel were inevitable and that the lack of daylight between the Bush administration and Israel had brought little progress on the Middle East peace process.

“This meeting does not allay my concerns because it confirms that this isn’t just a willy-nilly decision by some Arabists in the State Department but part of a framework Obama thinks will solve all the problems in the region,” he said.

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