Albanian Terrorists Bomb Building Next to Families of Serbian Policemen…….

Jihadi terrorism in Europe

Looking for jihadis in all of the right placesDon’t be fooled by their calls for self determination, it’s all a land grab for Islam. Can’t be ruled by the infidel, nor live with them as equals…if you don’t have to that is. KGSExplosion rocks Serbia

Serbian police says a woman and a 13-year-old child suffered light injuries in an explosion in the volatile southern region bordering Kosovo.

The blast early Tuesday in the town of Presevo comes only days after two Serbian policemen were wounded in a grenade attack in the same region.

Presevo is Muslim Albanian dominated region whose leaders seek to use violence in order to join that territory with Serbia’s separatists Kosovo province.

This incident is likely to fuel tensions in the area that was the scene of a 2000-2001 ethnic Albanian violence. The conflict ended in a Western-brokered peace deal but tensions have simmered since.

Media reports say the explosives were planted next to a building inhabited by the families of Serbian policemen serving in the area. The ethnicity of the injured has not been revealed.

The blast also smashed windows on nearby buildings.

Last week, police was attacked with grenades and two officers were injured.

Serbia’s interior minister said that the attack was motivated by ethnic separatism and supported by the separatists that hold power in Serbia’s Kosovo province.

In 1999, ethnic Albanian separatists were successful to recruit NATO to bomb Serbia and after 78 days of bombing, NATO handed the military victory to the ethnic Albanian separatists who then went on to ethnically cleanse Kosovo Serbs.

Most NATO countries recognized the militarily acquired portion of Serbia’s land.

Ethnic Albanian separatists in Kosovo have declared independence in 2008 which vast number of states do not recognize

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