Norway Chairs Holocaust Task Force: A Case of the Blind Leading the Blind…..

See how they run

Norwegian FM Jonas Støre:
We will pretend to fight Holocaust denial
wherever, whenever it raises its ugly headNorway once again in the news as it chairs the International Holocaust Task Force, whose purpose is to “place political and social leaders’ support behind the need for Holocaust education, remembrance, and research both nationally and internationally.” Too bad that Norway is so steeped in its one biases towards the only Jewish state in existance, that it can’t see the trees for the forest.Check out Norway’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Jonas Gahr Støre’s opening speech to the Holocaust Task Force (ITF) meeting in Oslo, 24 June 2009, I placed a few comments to some of Støre’s statements that highlights his contradictory thinking. KGS

Norway is the chair of the International Holocaust Task Force. (it also honors during a full year the Hitler admirer novelist Knut Hamsun who gave his Nobel prize to Goebbels.)Stoere quotes the Stockholm declaration: “we must strengthen the moral commitment of our peoples”. [That is why the Queen goes to a mosque where the Imam supports suicide bombings and also why they honor Hamsun this year.]

Stoere on the restitution process: “the compensation was based on moral considerations and on an acceptance of responsibility for errors of the past.”[They obstructed the new restitution process all along. See Behind the Humanitarian Mask 55-57]

Stoere on Holocaust denial: “we are facing blatant Holocaust denial. We must fight these challenges.” [Norway is the only country of the Task Force where recently a Holocaust denier David Irving was given a paid trip to come over for a substantial interview on a television station (TV2)]

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