Flanders Pays the Most Per Person to the EU…….

And they wonder why the Flemish
want to secede from Belgium

Flems: We are being crushed by taxes that support the Walloons
and then crushed once more by EU to support the poorer EU statesWhen is it enough? The Vlaams Belang have watched their state being sucked dry and picked to the bone by the French speaking Walloons in the lower half of the fake construct called Belgium. The Flemish see their hard earned wealth being distributed to a flood of Muslim immigrants, many of which want no part of being Flemish, and very intent on staying on the dole, while the EU sucks them dry. Again, when is it enough?The GOV posts a ranking of EU member states that top the list as net contributors to the European Union’s welfare system for its poorer member states. Again when is it enough? Check out which states ranks at the top. KGS

No one pays more to the EU than a Flemish citizen

A Fleming pays twice as much as a Walloon, triple as much as a Briton and five times more than a Frenchman.

It was already known that, from the 27 EU-member states, 15 are net recipients and 12 are net contributors. Belgium is a large net contributor. The Vlaams Belang group in the European Parliament, led by Frank Vanhecke, has now calculated how much each citizen of Flanders and Wallonia pays each year. The result is surprising: with 1780 million euro net, not a single EU-country pays more per head than Flanders: each Fleming pays 282 euro net per year.

This is more than the 272 euro each Dutchman pays per year. This is almost twice as much as a Walloon pays (164 euro). It is also double the amount of a German’s contribution (114 euro) and almost triple as much as that of a Briton. It is even five times more than the 53 euro a Frenchman pays and the 49 euro an Italian contributes.

The 2007 ‘hit parade’ of the largest EU-contributors looks like this:

1. Flanders 1780 million euro divided by 6.3 million inhabitants = 282.6 euro/Fleming
2. The Netherlands 4464.1 million euro divided by 16.4 million inhabitants = 272 euro/Dutchman
3. Luxembourg 117 million euro divided by 476.187 million inhabitants = 245.7 euro/Luxembourger
4. Wallonia 690.5 million euro divided by 4.2 million inhabitants = 164.5 euro/Walloon
5. Denmark 817.4 million euro divided by 5.4 million inhabitants = 151.3 euro/Dane
6. Sweden 1280.2 million euro divided by 9.1 million inhabitants = 140.6 euro/Swede
7. Germany 9393.6 million euro divided by 82.3 million inhabitants = 114.1 euro/German
8. Great Britain 6156.6 million euro divided by 60.8 million inhabitants = 101.2 euro/Briton
9. Austria 639.7 million euro divided by 8.2 million inhabitants = 78 euro/Austrian
10. Cyprus 49.2 million euro divided by 778.684 inhabitants = 62 euro/Cypriot
11. France 3362.3 million euro divided by 63.3 million inhabitants = 53.1 euro/Frenchman
12. Italy 2938.3 million euro divided by 59.1 million inhabitants = 49.7 euro/Italian
13. Finland 229.1 million euro divided by 5.2 million inhabitants = 44 euro/Finn Vlaams Belang advocates solidarity on a European scale, between rich and poor countries and regions, but thinks that Flanders and the Netherlands contribute far too much. Frank Vanhecke, former chairman and Vlaams Belang MEP, calls therefore on the Dutch parties to form a Flemish-Dutch front for an absolute limitation of the EU-contribution, namely 200 euro per head. Therefore, the European Union needs to save, for example by abolishing the traveling circus of Brussels-Strasbourg (200 million per year) as well as the scandalous severance payment of more than one million euro for European Commissionaires, and by cutting in the large number of redundant ‘agencies’.

Frank Vanhecke
Vlaams Belang Member of the European Parliament

Flippenheck: This comes as no surprise to me. Being Flemish, I should note that Brussels in general and Wallonia (both as separate, governmental entities)have been bleeding the Flanders’ economy (and the prosperity of the Flemish people)dry for decades now.

Although Brussels is officially the capital of Flanders, the ‘governing’ of Brussels itself is actually NOT in Flemish hands. Brussels is de facto a separate region within the region of Flanders and was conceived as a more or less autonomous governmental entity, when Flanders ceded Brussels to the demands of the Francophone political elites !

So both Brussels and Wallonia (particularly the latter being less well-off socioeconomically than Flanders) have been leeching on Flanders. All in all, you have to wonder how much money the Flemings actually contribute to the EU ! Because the reality is that the Walloons are spending more Flemish money than they actually would ever care to admit publically ! So I tend to think that the outcome of this calculation is grossly underestimated.

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