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The Tundra Tabloids Visits Rosengård Sweden…….

In the heart of Sweden’s multicultural nightmare


Into the playground of the jihadi immigrant “youths” of Malmö Sweden


In company with a number of trusted individuals, the Tundra Tabloids took a grand “safari tour” of the Malmö area with friends and colleagues from the Counterjihad. Last Friday was a picture perfect day to view the area, getting there around two in the afternoon to take advantage of the pristine weather.


The members of the Counterjihad were in full force to see for themselves exactly what Malmö, and especially the area of Rosengård which is inside the area of Malmö, looks like. Many of you who follow the blogs of those who are open about their involvement in the Counterjihad movement, are well aware of the different sites in the Malmö area that have been target of the frequent news videos of the media covering the violence.


As well as in online news articles depicting the rapid shift in the mentality of that society, at times in the most obscene direction. I mean where else would you be able to find a Jihad Driving School?



Take your “intensive course” today!


Halal for sale everywhere


Hijabs were for sale as well


The signs of Halal and of hijabs everywhere tells the tale of Malmö’s Islamization in a much more graphic way than anyone of us could do with mere words. It shows a drastic slip in a modern liberal Western society into something indiscernible from anywhere in the Islamic Middle East.


If the pattern is to be left unchanged, the shift in Swedish society will not be just limited to the Malmö area alone, but in time, spread to other areas of Sweden when the migration begins.


There are also signs of trouble that dot the cityscape, which at times reminds me of the inner city in downtown Detroit when I was growing up. It also reminds me of Dearbornstan, which at the time, I paid little or no attention to, but the difference in culture were everywhere to be seen.


Here are some of the torch marks that tell of the fire & police department’s smack the mole escapades that they have to endure every night.


I’ll have more tomorrow, there is an interview on video with the police in the below picture, who gave us a few moments of their time to share their frustrations which the politicians have bequeathed them.


Changing of the guard in Rosengård

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