Dutch Intelligence Secret Service Agency: Extreme Left more Dangerous than Extreme Right…….

They still are

H/T: Baron BodisseyThe US is now in a daze since the rise of the Obama administration, but the Dutch know better. Just yesterday the TT posted a story about a Danish People’s Party member, who caused a rucus in a terrorism and communication conference, by insisting that Islam was one of the world’s problema. This Dutch intelligence report backs up that wise man’s statement. KGS

AIVD: Extreme Left more Dangerous than Extreme Right

THE HAGUE, 23/04/09 – The AIVD secret service is concerned about far left and Islamic extremism. Conversely, there is scarcely any threat from the extreme right, according to the AIVD annual report on 2008.

The AIVD warns that radical Muslims often wear a mask. The service “has observed in the past year that the well-known Salafist centres (…) express themselves more moderately in public than in closed circles. Outwardly, they try to create the impression of fostering integration of Muslims into Dutch society, while behind closed doors, polarising statements are made that could have a negative effect on society in the longer term.”

In 2008, it also “emerged that Moroccan Muslim youths are radicalising further,” though this is happening “only on a limited scale,” according to AIVD. This is mainly a matter of youngsters who, in a “radical Islamic youth culture,” see a way “of finding a connection with a group that gives them their own identity in Dutch society and a way of acquiring recognition and a positive self-image.”

In the Turkish community as well, “the number of individuals that (…) radicalise to Jihadism is growing.” But “the resistance within the Turkish community to radical Islamic ideologies in general remains great.” All in all, “no danger exists in the short and medium term of large-scale susceptibility to radical religious ideas” within the Turkish community, partly due to “a number of traditional resistance factors (such as Turkish nationalism)” and because of “a lack of a coherent ideology, inadequate organisational capacity and a shortage of leadership” among Turkish Muslim radicals.

For the Somali, Iraqi and Afghan communities in the Netherlands, the discordant situation in their country of origin is “no primary reason for radicalisation in the Diaspora.” In the Iraqi and Afghan communities, “there is practically no question of a breeding-ground for radicalisation,” and they appear to “avoid mutual controversies and confrontations with Dutch society.” Within the Somali community on the other hand, a greater breeding-ground for radicalisation appears to be present. “Noteworthy is that along with this, their marginalised position in Dutch society is of greater importance than the unstable situation in Somalia.”

The AIVD is also concerned about extreme left activism. The service sees an increase in intimidation by animal rights activists in ‘home visits’ to scientists and staff of companies directly or indirectly involved with animal testing. This trend will continue in 2009. AIVD also sees an increase in violent actions against deportations of illegal migrants, increasingly operating in small cells.

Remarkable is the AIVD’s assessment of the Anti-Fascist and Capitalist Archive Collective (KAFKA). KAFKA is regularly cited by Dutch ‘quality media’ as a research institute into rightwing extremism, but its Antifascist Action (AFA) arm is in reality a movement that uses violence to achieve its goals.

“The picture is often evoked of antifascists defending themselves against aggressive rightwing extremists, while the roles are generally reversed.” Especially at extreme-right Netherlands People’s Union (NVU) demonstrations, AFA organises violent counter-demonstrations. They have these “carried out by third parties, such as local antifascists, riot-loving youths and football hooligans.”

AFA has branches throughout the country and the support of a national secretariat. As well as through violence, AFA tries to combat rightwing extremism “by influencing local authorities”. AFA has contacts with foreign kindred spirits, particularly in Germany.

The extreme right remains a pretty powerless movement. “As in previous years, the extreme right environment in the Netherlands remains characterised by fragmentation and splits” and “there is no question of a trend towards extreme right terrorism”.

NOTE: Today the AIVD is believed to be one of the most effective secret services of Europe

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