Sharmuta Cries a Storm at LGF About the Tundra Tabloids…….

Sharmuta needs a change

Sharmuta: The TT doesn’t play fair! Whaaaaaaaaaah!Over at LGF, commenting lizard, Sharmuta, throws a fit about the Tundra Tabloids’ use of a LGF post which didn’t give the ‘Lidless Eye’ any credit.
Well, to make matters clear, the Tundra Tabloids was just paying LGF back for cribbing a Tundra Tabloids scoop concerning the bully teacher Diantha Harris. The TT broke the story of Diantha Harris in conjunction with Debbie Schlussel, who of course gave the Tundra Tabloids full credit, C.Johnson did not. So is Sharmuta the shill now going to call Charles Johnson (who started things a rolling) DISINGENUOUS for intentionally cribbing a Tundra Tabloids ground breaking story that reached the Drudge Report, Michelle Malkin, USA Today, FOX News…etc etc..? Crickets Chirping…. KGSNOTE: Chucky boy doesn’t find scoops on his own, he cribbs them from his commentors in his Little Green Dungeon of Despair, and from other sources.

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