Durban Libya

Libyan Chair of Durban II Slammed by Palestinian Doctor……!

This is why DURBAN II chaired by Libya
is not such a good idea

Kudos to the Palestinian doctor who stuck up for human rights for himself and his Bulgarian colleagues who were both tortured and falsely imprisoned by Gaddafi’s Libya. KGS

2 Responses

  1. If our leaders stay in the UN, this is our future — say anything against these scum Middle Eastern, African and South American countries that are the worst in human rights of anyone and you’ll be silenced. Europeans are already feeling some of that now. Wait until IGNORANT liberal leaders in Europe take it as far as they want to take it.

    What’s wrong with Europeans? Why do you take such pride in being liberals when it’s destroying your countries? Chriiiiiist.

  2. Leftist loons plagued by their colonialist past (white guilt) are appeasing every 3rd world dictatorship and/or authortarian Muslim regime.

    Allowing themselves to be colonized is the ultimate in repaying that debt. Just take a look at the “Great Apologizer-in-Chief” B.Hussein Obama in action, and you’ll see the American version of the Europeans.

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