Ahmadinejad Durban

BREAKING: Delegates at Durban II Walk Out as Ahmadinejad Addresses Conference…….

They shouldn’t have been there in the first place
Ahmadinejad called a racist by two men in rainbow wigs
Big Deal
A man in a rainbow colored wig tosses a sponge red ball at monkey man, and a few delegates walk out. What’s more important is the hundreds that stayed and cheered the genocidal racist acomapnied with a thunderous applause. That tells you more what the conference is about than the handfull that left. I don’t see how they can sit and breath the same air with these Jew hating thugs. KGS
Protesters in brightly colored wigs interrupted Ahmadinejad as he began to speak, shouting: “You’re a racist!” in accented English. But some delegates cheered, while security officers dragged at least two protesters from the chamber.

UPDATE: It was accompanied by a mass walk out as well, looks like over 80-120 westerners walked out. But there were over 600-800 more left in the auditorium … cheering. Enough said

Finland’s seat is empty….but for how long?

Over at UN Watch, they take note that Norway delivered a speech right after Ahmadinejad spoke: “The following speech by Norway vigorously challenged Ahmadinejad, calling him “the odd man out to hijack the conference.” But the conference was already hijacked before the ‘odd man’ walked in. KGS

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  1. I am not a muslim and I am not an Arab, but I think everybody knows Israeli government is acting like a racist government. if it is not true then what is the meaning of racism? Maybe it is hard to listen for my Israeli friends but they must be honest with themselves. Today the Gaza Strip has become a big prison camp for 1.5 million Palestinians. What is wrong with these people? They need to breath in this world just like Israelis. Why they have no right to come back to the other cities of Israel? What about millions of other Arabs who have been expelled from the country just because they have been Arabs?
    That is so so sad.
    I think these guys walked out of the conference just because they didn’t have any answer for the disappointing truth that this guy said.

  2. And I am a Jew and Pedro you should learn some history if you think you can judge others. An the history tells us that there was a decision to create 2 state jew and arab states. The jews accepted this decision because they wanted to leave in piece in the land which belong to them long before muhamad learned to speak. But the arabs said no. They Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq gathered their armies and stormed the small jewesh state to destroy and kill. But they lost the war because we jews know how to defend ourself and those poor people which fled from holocost horros were ready to fight for the peace. But before the war the arabs told to palestinian leave and wait until they kill the jews so the arabs wait until now. And the prison in gaza can be turned to haven for arabs and jews but those hamas terrorists who first killed their palestinian brothers from patah to control gaza and then thought they can fire rockets at innocent children at israel, they were wrong again and they got punch between their eyes. We don’t want to fight we want to leave in pieace in our land in our democratic country and that is what we doing I think the arabs could learn something from history and start speaking in the language of piece. Until then the situation will remain the same. And the wolfs will try to pretend that they are sheeps with kalachnikov and TNT.

  3. The UN is a big joke now, they basicly let all the racist and backwardish nations take over because they are simply more numerous.

    All civilized nations should leave the UN and let the racist idiots have their “anti racism” meetings for themself.

    It’s so sad how once again tyrants go against the jews and manage to fool most people to belive the jews are worth less because of their race. Mankind is a disgrace!

  4. They walked out today. They’ll be back tomorrow.

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