Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb States on TV, Poland not Attending Durban II…….

UPDATE: Finland to Participate in Controversial UN Racism Meet

“Finland has decided to attend a controversial United Nations conference on racism, which begins in Geneva on Monday. Many western powers are concerned the conference will be used as a platform for voicing anti-Semetic views.”


The pin-headed EU elite choose to participate after all! Three cheers for those who stayed away: Germany, Italy, Poland, Holland US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Israel.

Finnish state news broadcasting says that “all will walk out if the conference becomes anti-Semitic.” They should have never given the conference an ounce of credibility whatsoever. SHAME! KGS


Stubb: It’s more important to participate
than to worry about losing credibility

The man is a hopeless EU wonk. Alexander Stubb was just on Finnish MTV3 news pimping the need to participate in the DURBAN II conference in Geneva. For Stubb, what more troubling is not the conference itself, but the fact that the many of the EU member states are voicing their own foreign policies concerning participation, and not jumping to the EU whip. He mentioned that he just received a text message in the airport that Poland wouldn’t be joining.
He states that: “We need to be at the bargaining table to discuss these important issues if we want to create a difference.” What a bunch of hooey. If the West could have had a chance to influence the direction of the conference, it would have done so early on when the programs were being arranged and the format settled on, now it’s too late, for they are only going to discuss what’s on the agenda, which Israel features rather highly, not real human rights violating states.
The horse has already bolted from the stable, and these clowns think that by attending an already corrupted conference it’s going to amount to something positive for human rights. NONSENSE. They (EU/US and other democracies) should have announced way in advance that if the conference isn’t radically changed no democracy is going to participate.
STUBB is hindered by his saddled thinking, believing that only through participation and dialogue, regardless of the positions of the people sitting across the table, is always a good thing, no matter what. His thinking is both dangerous and counter-productive, and will doom millions of people to a continued life of discrimination and misery in the states of the Muslim/Arab world, and elsewhere. KGS

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