The Evil has Landed, Swiss President Sucks Up to Ahmadinjad…….

The outrage and shame of it all,
Mertz greeted him at the airport!

Mahmoud: You see, this is how
a Western dhimmi treats Muslim leaders!The West sinks and slinks to new lows. Israel however is not amused, and rightfully recalled its ambassador to Switzerland, Ilan Elgar, back to Jerusalem for it’s entertaining the supporter of the genocide of the Jews, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Finland and the rest of Europe can suck up to the genocidal president of Iran, but Israel doesn’t have to be present to witness it. KGSIsrael recalls its envoy from Switzerland for consultations

Israel on Monday recalled its ambassador to Switzerland Ilan Elgar in protest of Swiss President Hans-Rudolf Merz’s meeting on Sunday with his Iranian counterpart Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Geneva, a day before Jews worldwide commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day. Israel also cited Switzerland’s hosting of a “racist and Holocaust denier who openly declares his intentions to wipe Israel off the map.” Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman issued a joint statement on Monday morning to the effect that Elgar would be recalled as soon as possible for consultations in Jerusalem. Meanwhile, Foreign Ministry Deputy Director-General for Western Europe Rafi Barak on Monday summoned Switzerland’s Deputy Ambassador to Israel Monika Schmutz-Kirgoz for an urgent Jerusalem meeting to relay Israel’s displeasure at Merz’s meeting with Ahmadinejad. Former Israeli ambassador to Switzerland Aviv Shir-On confirmed that Elgar was on his way to Israel. The message to Switzerland is that the meeting harms the values that Switzerland itself upholds, Shir-On said. “Switzerland is a country friendly to Israel, but we are not ready to accept any and all actions by our friends,” Shir-On said.

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