The Total and Complete Meltdown and Betrayal of Gordon Brown…….


“Dear Leader, Gordon Brown is informed of the leak of emails outlining Damien McBride’s plans to smear Tories. As control of the agenda slips from Gordon’s grasp, he descends into blaming others and raking over past slights.”

H/T Gaia

NOTE: More info on the story: Brown is at the heart of this scandal

DAILY MAIL: The pressure on Gordon Brown to make a personal apology over ‘smeargate’ was increasing today as a Tory MP accused of a one-night stand with a married colleague in the e-mails said the Prime Minister was ‘at the heart of this scandal’. MP for Mid-Bedfordshire Nadine Dorries said today: ‘I think the Prime Minister has to apologise, I personally want an apology.’

But Health Secretary Alan Johnson said it was ‘unfair’ to suggest Mr Brown should personally apologise for the emails, which he said he found ‘disgusting’. David Cameron was said to be ‘absolutely furious’ that the Prime Minister had failed to make clear there was no truth in the allegations about senior Tories which a key aide planned to make public.

The affair also threatened to engulf Cabinet Office minister Tom Watson. Questions were raised about whether he had a role in the proposed dirty tricks campaign, to be run from Downing Street.

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