Palestinian Terrorist Bomb Boat Explodes Off Israeli Coast…….

Drama at sea continues

An unmanned Palestinian craft explodes off the coast of Israel
Palestinian terrorists get inventive and guide an unmanned boat laden with explosives from the Gaza shoreline. The intent was to blow it up when it reached either an Israeli naval boat or the Israeli coast line. Remember folks, international terrorism usually follows Palestinian terror trends. What the Palestinian jihadis come up with, is usually imitated elsewhere in the world, like in the hijacking of airliners in the 60’s and 70’s.That’s where all your tax money in international aid to the Palestinians, to funding terrorist jihadis who are continually thinking up new ways to kill the infidels, the very same infidels mind you, that have been feeding them money for the past 60 years.

A booby-trapped Palestinian fishing boat exploded off the Gaza coast as it headed north toward Israeli territory in an apparent attempted terror attack on Monday morning, the IDF said. No one was wounded in the incident.
The Navy spotted the boat, which it said was apparently unmanned, and followed it for about an hour. When it was some 300 meters off the Gaza coast and making its way north, the boat blew up, the army said. The IDF said the incident bore the hallmarks of an attempted terror attack and it was examining how the explosives were detonated.

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