Finnish Imam Who Approves of Pedophile Marriages Called Himself a Moderate in 98′ Interview…….

Moderate Imam “Che”hab Khodr at the Presidential
Palace for the Finnish Independence Day Ball

Khodr Chehab: It ain’t pedophilia when we do it, it’s just IslamThe ever vigilant Kumitonttu digs up this interview of Khoder Chehab in the University of Helsinki’s monthly magazine, the Yliopistolehti, from 1998. At the time of the interview, Khodr Chehab, an Imam from Lebanon, had been living in Finland for 12 yrs, and it’s interesting to read his views back then, and to know that 11yrs later nothing has changed.Kumitonttu sent the following excerpts from the interview that reduces the myth of multiculturalism to its rawest level, Muslim integration into Finnish society is based solely only on their terms, when Finnish law and culture do not clash with Muslim laws and culture. Muslim Moderates

– Our goal is to live peacefully in this country (Finland) in a reasonable way, and at peace with the law that you have, assures the Imam, but stresses that this is not a full merger, when there are things in our culture (Finnish culture) which are in conflict with Muslim culture.[…]The Imam knows that polygamy allowed by Islamic law negatively affects the attitudes of Finns. – But we find strange the fact that Finnish law does not deem it a crime, for deceiving one’s wife, or visiting a whore. Why get married if you’ll cheat on it? Perhaps polygamy should be accepted by the law in Finland? Khodr Chehab who has studied to be an imam in the mosques of Lebanon mosques, is also aware of charges of fundamentalism. He explained, first, that Islam doesn’t separate politics from religion, because politics takes its positions through religion. He predicts that soon our country’s municipal councils and boards will see the rise of Muslims, even head covered ones. – But who is a fundamentalist? A Finnish Christian extremist or a cultist? Skins? Jewish activists? Surely it’s not because I have a beard and I pray every day, makes me fundamentalist. We are a moderate Muslims.

And make no mistake, Chehab, and his like minded ilk, mean to push their “culture” as far as they are allowed to push it. Islam is a missionary monoculture and cannot rest being the minority culture for long, so no matter how long it takes, Islam will eventually have to become the dominant culture.It’s amusing to see how he compares a non-Muslim man cheating on his wife, even with a prostitute, to a Muslim male who has a harem of women, and finds the latter the more virtuous of the two. Both are an example of a male wanting more sex for himself than one can afford, but the guy who gets to treat womenfolk like property, or chattel, is somehow the better of the two.At least in Finnish society, visiting prostitutes by married males does not receive special blessings from Christian religious leaders, unlike what Khodr Chebab knows fully well about in Islam, where marriages of convenience with hookers is sanctioned by Islamic clerics. What a hypocrite and a liar.You better believe that he wants to see the rise of Muslims into the political arena, the Islamization project in Finland wouldn’t be on course without politics being attended to. And as far as fundamentalism is concerned, Khodr Chehab is the poster child for Muslim fundamentalism. Any Muslim who practice the fundamentals of their faith, that being, in the way it was followed from its conception, is a fundamentalist. Chehab knows this is true and is using the Islamic practice of Taqqiya, in order to confuse or obfusacte a truer understanding of what Islam truly stands for. Moderate indeed, there is no such thing in Islam, it’s only Islam, nothing more. When OIC Secretary General, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu came to town, he said as much during the Q&A period of the seminar. KGS

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