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TUNDRA TABLOIDS CORRECTION: Picture of Kirstin Halvorsen Taken at 2009 Anti-Israel Demonstration……

Norway: 2009 anti-Israel
Kristin Halvorsen demonstrates happily amongst signs that read:
The greatest axis of evil: USA and Israel.”

A Norwegian journalist brought to the attention of one of the TT’s sources, that the picture originally published here, and which Dagens Naeringsliv also published as day later, is in fact from January 2009 and not from 2006 as the TT originally posted. This makes it much more interesting, it really goes to show her frame of mind! Remember what Brent from Norway had say?

“The picture shows Halvorsen amongst the demonstrators and on the poster is written (translated): “The greatest axis of evil: USA and Israel.” Among the slogans repeatedly shouted were: “Død over jødene!” meaning: “Death to the Jews!” If Halvorsen had disagreed with such a view, she would have left the scene in protest. But she did not; despite her high position. She stayed on, and thus acted as a kind of “ambassador” for this horrible view. Halvorsen is guilty as charged!”
The Tundra Tabloids dares to state the obvious, that while Halvorsen did not shout “death to the Jews”, she was in company of those who did, much in the same way as Sweden’s Leftist politician, Lars Ohly did earlier this year while protesting the Israeli participation in the Davis Cup in Malmö Sweden. Yes, Halvorsen is guilty as charged. KGS

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