Swedish State Media Corrupt to The Core…….

Swedish state media rotten to the core
I wonder if Charles Johnson from LGF now feels immensely stupid for swallowing everything the EXPO lefties fed him about the SD. Probably not. KGS

Sverigedemokraterna (SD) for six monthts and rigged a state employed agent with hidden video and audio equipment and taped as much as they could.

The state agent Caroline Stenman was discovered during a 3-day cruise with the SD party leadership.

SD confronted the criminal and she escaped leaving the video equipment behind and ran to another cabin where her producer was hiding. This happened in January 2009. Only a few days later the SD politician and a friend was nearly assassinated by assassins using knifes. The 2 SD politicians managed to flee to a restaurant and locked the criminals out. One of them has now been identified.

After research we found that the female producer of the show “Kaliber” Sanna Klinghoffer is friend with a known street terror promoter, Daniel Poohl. He has a website and its only purpose is to destroy SD and similar political parties. Read more about here. H/T: Aeneas

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