It’s Official: Israeli President Peres Asks Likud’s Netanyahu to Form a Government…….

Binyamin Netanyahu: “I’ll get started right away”

Peres tasks Netanyahu with forming new governmentAfter the failure of his last-ditch effort to muster Kadima leader Tzipi Livni’s support for a unity government on Friday, President Shimon Peres formally entrusted Likud chairman Binyamin Netanyahu with the task of building a coalition. Netanyahu arrived as Beit Hanassi on Friday afternoon and received the president’s official letter of appointment. Earlier, after emerging from a meeting with Peres, Livni announced that she had no intention of joining a broad coalition under Netanyahu, despite the Likud chairman’s assertion that he was willing to “go to great lengths” in order to induce Kadima to join his government. “It appears that the coalition which has been formed in recent days lacks diplomatic vision,” Livni said after the meeting. The Kadima leader rejected the president’s plea that she reconsider joining a coalition comprised of the three largest parties – Kadima, Likud and Israeli Beiteinu – and asserted that a “broad coalition is worthless if it is not governed by values.” Just you wait, the international media will be branding whatever government the Likud leader manages to coalesce, as a mixture of “hardliners and extremists”, while depicting the Fattah led P.A. as being governed by “moderates”. Just wait and see. KGS

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