Breaking: Fitna Shown in the House of Lords…….

While the man of the hour was denied his chance, others formed to fill in the breach.

According to an anonymous Tundra Tabloid source, “Lord Perason showed Geert Wilders movie, Fitna, in House of lords to two other Lords in the presence of Baroness Cox and Lord Pearson. They then went over the road for a packed press conference. They had usual stuff from the Islamic sympathisers, from media about the Bible also been violent, etc. Baroness Cox and Lord Pearson and Lars Hedegaard answered questions very well. They said that debate should be in open and that the way violent imams are allowed to preach their hate while Wilders, who has not preached violence is a total disgrace.”
So the movie was shown in the House of Lords anyway, with Lars Hedegaard from the International Free Press Society presiding, and a press conference held afterwards. The same source said that SKY news will be reporting in full on the press conference. This is a sad day for the freedom of speech, but great nonetheless, that others are picking up the baton left by Wilders. We are all in this thing together. KGS

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