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Another Example of Media Bias…….

Here’s another example of the news media deciding what is news worthy at the expense of the larger truth, this time around it takes place in the US. John Hinderaker over at PowerLine blog, takes note of how the news media blamed George Bush for a “slow response” in the wake of hurricane Katrina, while it now keeps silent over Barack Obama’s slow response to the devastating massive ice storm that recently hit the state of Kentucky and neighboring states.
Is Barack Obama an insensitive lout who serves $100 per pound steaks to his elite guests and turns up the heat in the White House high enough to grow orchids while a million of his countrymen are without power and dozens are freezing to death? If not, why not?
Solely because that is not the story the media want to tell. Many on the web–but no one in the mainstream media–have commented on the fact that Obama has not even pretended to do anything about the massive ice storm that has disabled much of Kentucky and neighboring states. It took days for FEMA to swing into action. Why is that not a scandal? Days went by before Kentucky’s governor called out the National Guard. Why did no one blame Obama for failing to call out the Guard sooner? Probably because he lacks the constitutional power to do so; but the Constitution hasn’t changed since 2005.
The Anchoress has an excellent roundup. Glenn Reynolds has been on the story too. One of Glenn’s readers writes:
What Katrina taught the media was that they could hurt Bush by lying. What 2008 taught them was that they could help Obama by not reporting at all. What will 2009 teach them? I shudder to think.
A basic reality of our time is that our mass media are monolithic, and what they choose to report (or not report) depends on what fits the narrative they are pushing on the public. If our reporters and editors wanted to portray Obama as clueless and out of touch with ordinary Americans, he has given them ample opportunity to do so. But because they are Democrats and he is a Democrat, they have no desire to tell that story. So “let them eat steak” is not a theme you’ll be seeing on the evening news.

It can’t be any more plain than that. One has to be very sceptical when it comes to the news, any news, before giving it any weight. It’s the height of hypocrisy that the liberal media will focus it rage against a president solely because he happens to be from the wrong party.

Yes, Bill Clinton was the center of the media’s focus during the Monica Lewinsky brouhaha. But Bill Clinton also had a lot of support in the US media as well, who consistently tried to downplay the significance of Clinton’s lying under sworn oath, choosing rather to depict the Republicans as being vindictive about such a gross violation of US law. George Bush never got a free pass by the media as a whole, but you can bet your bottom dollar that B.Hussein Obama will. KGS

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