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Obama: We Can Work With the OIC……!

How long before the OIC’s Islamic anti-Semitism becomes a factor in the relationship, or will it ever?

“Obama to Ekemeleddin: I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship”

RIYADH – President Barack Obama told the Organisation of Islamic Conference that he has full confidence that the United States can work together with the world’s largest grouping of Muslims, the OIC said on Sunday. In a letter to OIC Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihasanoglu, Obama said he would work to improve relations with the group, the Jeddah-based organisation said in a statement. It did not release the text of the letter.
Obama also thanked the OIC, which represents 1.5 billion Muslims in 57 countries, for its congratulations on the occasion of his inauguration on January 20, the organisation said. In an open letter published in major US newspapers on January 21, the OIC urged Obama to work for a “shared” peace in the world rather than one that is “imposed.”
“We warmly welcome your expressed desire to give a major address in a Muslim nation soon after you assume the presidency and hope it will mark the beginning of a more fruitful and better-informed dialogue between the West and the Muslim world,” the OIC said at the time. “We firmly believe that America, with your guidance, can help foster that peace, though real peace can only be shared — never imposed. A nation can either be great or feared, but rarely both at the same time.

Jihad Watch focuses on the OIC’s targeting of free speech, writing:

Robert Spencer: Free Speech Death Watch Update: Obama sends a conciliatory letter to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the foremost foe of free speech in the world today. “Obama says US can work with Muslims: OIC,” from AFP, February 1 (thanks to Paul):
RIYADH – President Barack Obama told the Organisation of Islamic Conference that he has full confidence that the United States can work together with the world’s largest grouping of Muslims, the OIC said on Sunday.
Paul, who kindly sent me this item, writes:
“Really? And how does this promise of comity square with the conflict between our core value of free expression, affirmed by the First Amendment to our Consitution, and Item VII, Clause 3 of the OIC’s Ten-Year Programme of Action: ‘Endeavor to have the United Nations adopt an international resolution to counter Islamophobia, and call upon all States to enact laws to counter it, including deterrent punishments’? On the third anniversary of the outbreak of cartoon rage, this is hardly an academic question.”

Paul and Robert are correct in highlighting the OIC’s agenda of rolling back our rights to free expression in the US, because to a great extent, it’s already happening here in the dhimmified European Union.

But the Tundra Tabloids also believes that one serious indicator of the West’s appeasement to the OIC’s highly ridiculous and hypocritcal agenda of prosecuting “hate speech”, will in fact continue, is its refusal to both acknowledge and confront the Islamic world over its institutionalized anti-Semitism.

Hard core Muslim anti-Semitism is promoted throughout the Islamic world via governments, media, mosques and madrassas, but the head of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, told the Tundra Tabloids face to face in Helsinki last year, in response to a statement I made directly to him at the UPI sponsered event:

Tundra Tabloids: Also, while it’s understandable that professor Ihsanoglu presents the Organization of the Islamic Council in the best light possible, I find it necessary however, to bring to light some of the troublesome aspects of the OIC itself and its agenda, that Sec-Gen Ihsanoglu is unwilling to touch.

While the OIC presents itself as being concerned with human rights as well as being a bridge for peace and understanding to the non-Muslim world, many of its own member states are the chief violators of human rights and promoters of the vilest forms of anti-Semitism seen since the rise and fall of National Socialism in Germany, during the 30’s and the 40’s. The evidence is undeniable, it’s a fact which has led the US House of Representatives to approve Resolution 1361 adopted on Sept. 23 of this year, with the expressed aim, and I quote:

“defeating the campaign by some members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference to divert the United Nation’s Durban Review Conference from a review of problems in their own and other countries, by attacking Israel, promoting anti-Semitism, and undermining the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”


Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu 07.10.08 Helsinki Finland: We are not anti-Semitic, (unclear) believing in moderacy and decency as part of my belief, my doctrine, I am a Muslim, and when I pray, I pray for all prophets including Moses, Jesus and Mohamed. So you cannot speak about any Muslim, good or bad, as anti-Semitic, this is a theory, this is not the case.

So in the opinion of the OIC’s Secretary General, Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and every other racist Muslim that calls for Jews to be killed or subjugated under the foot of Islam, is not an anti-Semite. How any liberal democracy thinks it can forge a “working relationship” with such a racist body like the OIC, and not be corrupted by it, is beyond me. KGS

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  1. Come on. Anti-semitic? Arabs are Semites.

    Arabs are descendants of Ishmaelite, son of Abraham and Hagar. Israelites are descendants of Isaac (Ishaaq), son of Abraham and Sarah. Arabs and Israelites are brothers.

    “O Children of Israel! Call to mind My favour which I bestowed on you and that I preferred you to all others (for my Message) [Qur’an Baqara 2:47]

    Now don’t confuse Israelites (Children of Israel in Bible, Torah and Quran) with modern Jews.

    Google yourself for the definition of Ashkenazi (European/South Russian) Jews (what makes a Jew, a Jew). You will realize that their definition of what a Jew should be is far different from the definition that the Israelites, contemporary Orthodox Jews and Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews impose upon themselves.

    M Asad who translated the Holy Quran into English was a Jew. Even though he converted to Muslims, according to Ashkenazi’s law (which do not abide to the Halakha, the ‘Shari’ah’ of Judaism at the conservative and Orthodox Oriental/African Jews) he supposed to be a Jew. Now, we must ask ourselves, is Judaism a race or a way of life?

    Some of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s faithful companion were Jews before they convert to Islam. It is not the Jewishness of the blood that matters according to Islamic principles, in admonishing the transgressions of the Children of Israel (warnings against the Jews as widely found in the New Testament and the Quran).

    It is the racial superiority that is being challenged by God in those holy texts. The Israelites were under the illusion that since they are the Chosen People of God, they are much superior than the rest and somehow give them a blank cheque to disobey the commandments sent by God through Torah.

    “Indignity is put over them wherever they may be, except when under a covenant (of protection) from Allah, and from men; they have drawn on themselves the Wrath of Allah, and destruction is put over them. This is because they disbelieved in the Ayats (evidences) of Allah and killed the Prophets without right. This is because they disobeyed (Allah) and used to transgress beyond bounds (in Allah’s disobedience, crimes and sins)” [Qur’an Al-Imran 3:112]

    According to the Quran (has some degree of linearity with stories in the Bible)

    Abraham married with Sarah and failed to got any child, so he married a second wife, Hagar (African lineage) who gave birth to Ishmael. Hagar and Ishamel were sent to Arabian peninsula because of Sarah’s jealousy, and start a community there in the city of Makkah (and thus is the tradition of Hajj).

    Sarah gave birth to Isaac (Ishaaq). From Isaac came Jacob (Ya’qub/Yaakub). Tradition from the Arabian sources say Jacob was a night traveler and thus the nick name ISRAA’IYLL (Isra’ = night in Arabic). To certain Jewish sources, Jacob is Yisroel (Israel) = YIS (slave) – of – ROEL (God)… yis-roel, the same way Abd-Allah/Abdullah (slave of God in Arabic). Among the twelve sons of Jacob, Joseph (Yusuuf) was the most beloved son and thus the rest of the 10 brothers (save Benjamin (Bunyameen), who was Joseph’s favorite brother) conspired to kill him (instead he was dumped into a well, taken as slave by merchants, sold to the aristocrat’s wife, rose to be the Ruler of Egypt). Cut the story short… in the land of impoverished, famine-struck Kana’an (nowadays occupied territory of Palestine) Jacob sent his sons to meet the Ruler of Egypt for food (and refusing Benjamin to be brought along, which reminded him to his terrible loss of Joseph) and thus the family was reunited once again… they all reside in the land of Egypt ruled by Joseph. Tadaaaa

    First proof: The first generation of the Israelite establish themselves in Egypt, NOT current-day Palestine.

    The Children of Jacob (Israel) breeds in Egypt, and somehow after generations of rulers (Pharaohs), one Pharoah acknowledged himself as God and established great cruelty in having the Children of Israel as slaves of Egypt (majority Qiftii race). God sent down Moses to guide these Children of Israel to free themselves, 1) from taking other deities as God 2) from the clutches of the evil Pharoah. Dadadadada fast forward, Pharoah got swallowed by the Red Sea, and the Children of Israel made it to Sinai peninsula.

    God commanded them to go to Palestine and establish jihad (struggle) against those who worship other than God in order to establish a kingdom of God in the face of the earth but they refused. Moses conveyed the order of God to them to enter and take over Canaan (Ex 34:11-16) but Bani Israel refused to obey him (Deut 9:21-24, Num 11:1-6, Num 14:1-4) and Moses complained to God (Num 11:12-15). Naturally, God’s anger fell upon Bani Israel (Num 12:9-10, Num 14:10-34). *these are sources from the Bible*

    They were made to wander in vast land of Sinai, searching and hoping for the next Messiah (Prophet) to guide them. Years and ages later, came the Messengerhood of Solomon and David, the rulers of the land of the Israelite in the present Palestine, but it only last a few hundred years.

    Second proof: From the beginning of time until 1948 The Children of Israel were able to rule Palestine for a total of only about 382 years out of the entire lifespan of 32 centuries of Bani Israel (Jewish) existence, even that in broken periods.

    Muslims honor the past rulers of the Israelites (David (Dawuud) and Solomon (Sulayman)) because according to the Quran they were among the most righteous. After Prophet Solomon (pbuh), came Zachariah, John and Jesus (all Prophets in Islam) from the Children of Israel, but the people were so corrupt that they manage to murder the first two (or all three, according to Christianity). And so their covenant with God was broken eternally. The final Messenger of God, from the Islamic worldview, is from the Ishmaelite (not from Isaac lineage), and thus this caused hatred from most of the Children of Israel since to them Prophethood is not qualified to be from the other race.

    But some of the Children of Israel embraced Islam, and profess affinity to Muslim brotherhood from all over the world, be it black Africans, dark skinned Indians, yellow skinned Chinese, white skinned Kurds/Turks … and the ‘Jewishness’ dissipated (but again, not according to the Ashkenazi Jews’ definition of Jewishness). Other Jews who did not accept the Final Prophet to be from the Arabs, continue to wait for the next Messiah.

    That is why currently there ARE Jews against Zionism (i.e. Naturei Karta) who believe they should wait until the next Messiah came (to Islam, Prophet Muhammad pbuh is the Seal of all God’s Messengers).

    And there are Jews, mostly Ashkenazi Jews, with strong paranoia that they are the chosen one by God above the rest, and prosecutions after prosecutions by the Europeans, they adopt the belief of Zionism, that is the re-establishment of the Kingdom of David and Solomon, in the land of Palestine where Muslims, whose covenants with God are sealed, inhabit since the conquest of Islam.

    Muslims have been inhabiting Jerusalem and its vicinity since the very very early years of Islam. Some of them were descendants of the Israelite but they choose to be universally affiliated as Muslims and they choose to believe in the Messengerhood of Muhammad (pbuh) who is a non-Jew. Jews were allowed to enter Jerusalem again by the second caliph of Islam, Umar ibn al-Khattab in 638 CE. They began to trickle into Palestine and lived happily as a respected and protected minority under the Muslims until 1930s when they began terrorism to drive the Palestinians out of their homes and properties

    Third proof:
    The present day Jews still inherit the crude transgressive behavior chided by God in the Quran. Not because of their genes, but because they choose to deny what originally came to them. The Muslims in the land of Palestine treated them nicely (despite them not wanting to believe in what the Muslims believe) and the Anglo-Saxons treated them badly (nearly exterminated by the Nazis)…

    But now, then with the help of Anglo-Saxon nations (Europeans and Americans) who once put all sorts of discrimination to them, most of the present day Jews, notably Ashkenazi Jews, use their self-created divine logic to ‘steal’ the covenant that God gave to the Muslims over the land of Al-Aqsa (Jerusalem) simply because they believe they are the chosen ones.


    Muhammad Asad (his original name was Leopold Weiss, Austrian-Polish by nationality), a convert to Islam from Judaism, wrote in his Message of the Quran, Translation and Commentary, commenting on this verse: “This passage, read in conjunction with the two preceding verses, refutes the contention of the children of Israel (modern day Jews) that by virtue of their descent from Abraham, whom God made ‘a leader of men’, they are ‘God’s chosen people’. The Qur’an makes it clear that the exalted status of Abraham was not something that would automatically confer a comparable status on his physical descendants, and certainly not on the sinners among them.”

    1. In the light of the Bible and the Qur’an, God’s covenant would not extend to the sinners and transgressors from Abraham’s progeny.

    2. In the light of the Bible, the Jews have proven themselves to be sinners and transgressors making them unworthy of inheriting God’s covenant with Abraham.

    3. God made an independent covenant with Ishmael to make him a great nation.

    4. The political history of Palestine shows that Bani Israel ruled the land for less than 400 years whereas Ishmaelites ruled it for 1280 years of the 3200 years of the existence of Bani Israel. Ishmaelites got control over Palestine within 28 years of the rise of Islam whereas Bani Israel got power over it more than five centuries after the birth of the tribes of Bani Israel. It shows that God’s choice to pass on the inheritance of Abraham was for the people of his faith more than his descendants. Ishmaelites fit both criteria under Islam.

    5. Making Abraham’s name great or making him a great nation may have several meanings. Six criteria have been studied under this heading and found that only Arabs (Ishmaelites) and Muslims fulfill the criteria whereas the Bani Israel are left behind and lost in the dust.

    Well if all those words above seems too academic, just read this ayah from the Quran:

    “Recall when Abraham’s Lord tested him in certain matters and when he successfully stood the test He (God) said: ‘Indeed I am going to appoint you a leader of humankind.’ When Abraham asked: ‘And is this covenant also for my descendants?’ the Lord responded: ‘My covenant does not embrace the evil doing transgressors.'” 2:124

    God does not look at the one with ‘sacred’ blood. He looks at piety and God-fearingness. We can’t choose to be Jew(in blood), Chinese, Arabs, Indians, Caucasians, Negritos… but we can choose either to please God or invite His wrath.

    God of Bani Israel made them the most honored people, and after that, the most despised people and kept them alive as a lesson to mankind. This is the fate of Jews collectively but among them there are numerous good, decent, justice and peace loving people.

    Muslims do not hold anything against the Jews; in fact, Muslims have been their best friends and protectors from 638 until the 1930s. However, Muslims are against the Zionist movement that exiled the natives of Palestine from their ancestral home, robbed them of their properties, killed them by the hundreds of thousands; murder and plunder of Palestinians by the hands of Jews using American money and armaments continues to date.

  2. Lets be clear here, as I was in the post. The “Arabs can’t be an anti-Semites” meme (as false as that is) was not in question here, but Muslims in general.

    According to such failed logic, no Muslim, whether they be the beasts that cut off Daniel Pearl’s head or Hajj Amin Al-Huessini who mounted numerous pogroms against Jewish civilians in the region of Palestine and formed Muslim SS divisions in the Balkans to murder Jews in conjunction with Hitler’s extermination schemes for Jews in Europe.

    You Islamo types are really a piece of work, refusing to fess up to your own racist, anti-Semitic bigotry. Shame on the lot of you.

  3. OBTW, trying to prove your point through a book written by a man who stole large portions from the Torah and the New Testament then twisted things around to make it conform to his warped way of thinking,…is hardly a source I would deem worth a plug nickle.

    I’ll trust the Torah’s version of what happened than a book written by a skirt chasing plagarist who had an eye for children as well.

  4. It is sad to hear the bigoted, prejudice-driven response to the Young Muslim’s arguments.

    We will not go down … without a fight. Gazans, our hearts are with you, may you be saved from the beasts of humanity. We will fight with you, if only we are united.

    Young Muslim Professional,
    Kuala Lumpur

  5. Right….you heart is with the murdering bastards that launch rockets, missiles and mortars on Israeli civilians from behind the backs of their own people.

    Beats of humanity….the majority of them melted away from the fight but managed to strap young kids with weapons and send *them in* against the Israelis.

    If you want to fight with the Hamas against the Jews, you better prepare yourself to be pushed up to the front line, while your Hamas terrorist buddies hang out underneath hospitals and UN buildings.

    They’re prepared to fight to the last man….eveyone else but themselves that is.

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