Malmö Sweden

More Video Footage From Malmö: Muslims Shout ‘Hitler’…….

Muslim fetish for Hitler.

(archive picture)

Anti-Israel demonstrators who had no permit to be present shout Hitler, Hitler, Hitler and then pour over the area where the pro-Israel crowd was peacefully supporting Israel and peace in general. KGS

NOTE: The Baron asks: I guess that must be the members of Sverigedemokraterna, eh?No??Well, then tell me: exactly who are the modern-day Nazis in Sweden?

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  1. The following was reported today on the 7 o´clock news by Swedens channel 4. A fresh study from Rosengård, a suburb on the outskirts of Malmö in Sweden reveals a systematic pattern of harassment from fundamentalist Islamic groups prescribing child marriage, attacking women who don’t wear headscarves and encouraging young people to isolate themselves from society. Integration and Equality Minister Nyamko Sabuni reacted strongly to the report stating that the situation is completely unacceptable. Anyone really surprised? More on this here:

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