Out-Takes of Alarabiya-TV: Reporter Hannan al-Masri Learns of Her News Station Being Used as Launching Pad for Hamas Rocket…….

Thanks to the Tundra Tabloids’ Israeli source for this video, which shows that beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Hamas was using civilians as military shields. The vid hasn’t even been uploaded to the IDF’s You Tube channel yet. Talk about a SCOOP! Only 90 views thus far. KGS UPDATE: Debbie Schlussel links to the TT’s story. Schlussel also states the following: “Check out this video of Al-Arabiya reporter Hannan Al-Masri, laughing when she learns that a HAMAS missile was just launched at Israel from the Al-Arabiya building. Haha funny.”

Out-Takes of Alarabiya-TV Reporter Hannan al-Masri Learning of a Hamas Missile being Fired from the Ground Floor of the Building housing the Alarabiya Studio1 January 2009 Intercepted by an Israeli Satellite Hobbyist)

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