Palestinian Doctor Pays High Price For Hamas’ Outrageous Stupidity…….

UPDATE: From Atlas Shrugs: The New York Times website is currently running an article about a Palestinian doctor whose daughters were killed in Gaza is entitled, “Gazan Doctor and peace advocate loses 3 daughters to Israeli fire and asks why”. The Muqata blog just posted the following.

9:40 PM Breaking News. The CAT head scan of the niece of Gazan doctor, Dr Ayash whose 3 daughters were killed in his building reveals conclusively that the shrapnel in her head is NOT from IDF muntions…rather like those from Hamas-used rockets. (Channel 1 TV minutes ago)

War is hell, there is no getting around it. The TT is truly saddened over this doctor’s loss of three children, no parent should suffer the same fate, it wrenches the heart to see people in pain, especially when it all could have been avoided.
But Hamas is Hamas. They knew that the toll would be high, no matter how hard the Israelis try to limit the suffering its blunt military instruments would create as they fought its operatives heavily entrenched in civilian areas.
Everyone of Israel’s detractors who heavily criticize its military operation inside Gaza, will refuse to answer the difficult questions, as to how could Israel maintain its own peoples’ security against the continual launching of Qassam rockets, without taking action against the perpetrators (Hamas) of the these war crimes.
These types who raise their finger in indignation, have not one word to say about how a genocidal group like Hamas can be rationally dealt with, they haven’t a clue. The truth is, they could care less to ponderthat question at all, they only dare to say, what Israel “can’t do”, not what they could do.
An anonymous Israeli source recently told the TT that a high foreign official stated exactly that, that what Israel is doing is wrong, meaning the toll of civilian casualties is way too high. Well then, how high would be an acceptable figure then, and what would he have them do that they haven’t tried already. The answer was that “it wasn’t his role to offer political opinions”.
So here we come back to Dr. Ezzeldeen Abu al-Aish, who just lost three daughters in an explosion by a tank shell that hit their house. Tragic, is to soft of a word, it’s unspeakable. The irony of it all is that it’s all due to Hamas’ cynical use of its own people for political/religious gains. It’s sick, obscene and full of irony, that for the side doing the most of the damage, is actually taking great care in trying to limit it, while the other side seeks to place even more of its people in harms way to create absurd, but incredibly diabolical situations.

Army says it fired at Gaza doctor’s home, killing three daughters, after troops were targeted by sniper fire; meanwhile, IDF says that shell hit fuel tank near UNWRA compound Thursday, but facility itself was not targetedEarlier Saturday, Dr. Ezzeldeen Abu al-Aish convened a press conference at Sheba medical center near Tel Aviv, where he works, and demanded to know why the army targeted his homeNot so innocent? The daughters of a Gaza doctor were killed by the IDF after sniper fire from the family’s home targeted Israeli soldiers, the army said Saturday.Why they did kill them? Give me a reason,” the doctor, who lost three of his daughters in the incident, said. “That’s what I want. I want the reason. These Israeli soldiers, the IDF, they know my house.” Following an inquiry into the incident, the IDF announced that soldiers fired shells at the doctor’s home in response to sniper fire.

Well a mother of three men serving in the IDF saw through the moment, though deeply sympathizing with the man’s loss, and delivered a clear dose of wake-up for the staff:
Why is he engaging in propaganda? He’s talking against Israel at the Sheba hospital. You should all be ashamed. All my children are serving in Gaza. Who knows what he had at his home?”
“What’s wrong with you, have you all gone crazy?” she said. “My son is in the paratroopers, who knows what you had inside your home, nobody is talking about that. Nobody is talking. Who knows what kind of weapons were in your house; so what if he’s a doctor? The soldiers knew exactly. They had weapons inside the home, you should be ashamed. I have three soldiers, why are they firing at them? All of you should be ashamed.” […]
Stern spoke with journalists after the doctor left the site and said: “I pity him. I’m completely feel for him. My heart aches over what happened to his children and I know what it’s like when children die and a family is ruined. Yet I don’t understand why the people of Israel give him a platform at the hospital while our soldiers are lying here wounded. He needs to tell the story, but tell it once, and that’s it.”
Thankfully this woman was present to smack everyone over the head with a wallup of common sense. Is everyone asleep at the switch here? Yes loss of life is terrible, and one can sympathize, but not allow that tragedy to be used as a propaganda tool for the enemy, the international media is bad enough, but for Israelis to be flagellating themselves with it is pure stupidity. KGS

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