The Helsingin Sanomat lays a steaming pile in today’s edition of the daily rag. According to the paper’s propaganda editorial department, Israel’s treatment of the UN’s buildings in Gaza has been “outrageous”.
The unscrupulousness of Israeli army operations, the disregard for the UN and other relief organizations and the large number of civilian victims in Gaza is shocking.

Israel’s army and the political leadership of up to now deplored the large quantity of civilian victims. It has not prevented the army from continuing operations, which has already been extended to the Gaza city center.

It is not anything new in the fact that Israel takes the UN and its neutrality to say the least, skeptically. UN buildings related to its activities, hospitals in Gaza have been subjected to several attacks. Many other relief organizations have been the target of attacks, including Finn Church Aid, buildings. […]
What Israel is doing in Gaza , is a flagrant violation of international agreements.These agreements such as actions that influence the civilian population, an impressive function, which Israel is now exercising, is defined as a serious crime.

Not only are Israel’s military operations entirely legal under international law, they are also morally justifiable as well. What is telling in the editorial, is not the crimes alleged by the Helsinki paper, but the total obfuscation of the facts on both sides of the fighting. Hamas’ military headquarters is in the basement of the Shifa hospital, a gross violation of international law, as well as their using mosques, schools, clinics private homes and apartment buildings as areas to stage attacks not only on Israeli troops, but also against Israeli civilian centers as well.

The Hamas has booby trapped many a home and building well in advance of the totally justified Israeli invasion of Gaza, thereby leading to the deaths of many of their own people. The Helsingin Sanomat knows this is true, but refuses to tell its readers the hard cold facts, because it hates the Jewish state, as well as having an warped upside down view of the world around it. That’s what happens when you hire a bunch of hippy, left-wingers who think there’s no such thing as right or wrong, good or evil, and the all cultures and beliefs are the moral equivalent of the other.
For these nit wits, there is no difference between Israel and its enemies, all are morally the same, it’s just that the Jewish state is that much worse, no matter what level of depravity the Palestinians themselves sink to. Once again the Tundra Tabloids is forced to dust off its Turd award, and present it to the Helsingin Sanomat’s editorial department, for its never ending desire to publicly embarrass themselves with the most idiotic writing ever seen in a Finnish paper.
The HS’s editor in chief, Janne Virkkunen was recently described to the TT as being an elitist nincompoop, (charging high priced meals and extravagant living style while abroad in Holland, all on the Sanomats’ tab) , so I couldn’t agree more. KGS
HS’s EIC Janne Virkkunen: “I’m on the top of the world!”
NOTE: Anyone who wants to know what international law says about Israel’s use of force, click the following links.

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