Finnish News MTV3 Plays Victim: Brings in Dhimmi Shill to Set The Record Straight…….

One way to quell any negative press is to play victim. In a brazenly absurd move, one of the Finnish TV’s news organizations, MTV3, is trying to stanch any public criticism over its news reporting on the ME conflict by pretending to be the victim of unfair criticism.
“Over the past few days, dozens of feedback responses have been read that alternately describe the media as either favoring the Israelis or the Palestinians. Middle-East news is read with extreme exactness, with even the tiniest of nuances being found by a complainant in which partiality in one direction or the other is cleary proven.”
But have no fear Finland, MTV3 has an ace up its sleeve, it’s the Finnish media’s favorite wind bag and dhimmi shill for Islam, Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila, who will once again set things right! According to Hämeen-Anttila (who earlier opined in 2006 that the Danish Mohamed cartoon crisis would be over within a few days):
“The main stream media reporting on the crisis is as unbiased as it could be.”
The truth to how the Finnish media has depicted the conflict thus far, is one of gross ignorance of international law, biased presentation of the facts, which includes ommissions of the recent historical record concerning the Hamas’ role in launching Qassam rockets and mortars into Israel during the so called “ceasefire”. Accross the board, the media has referred to the Qassams being launched as soon as the “ceasefire” had been lifted, though the facts speak differently.
There has also been an across the board referrence to Israel’s “disproportionate use of force“, though the media has repeatedly refrained from asking those who invoke the term, “what is then, exactly, a proportionate use of force they would be in approval of ?” The media could care less, because they are all in the tank on this one.
If they are being harassed by anti-Israel activists, its because they haven’t gone far enough in their anti-Israel news reporting, not because they are ….pro-Israel. Anyone who thinks that is either naive or just being plain disingenuous. Look at the op-eds and columns and see how they portray Hamas, and the average Arab in Gaza as the victim, though just a few days ago before the air strikes began, they were in mass in the city square thumping their chests and calling for Israel’s destruction. (Read= genocide).
What a farce, and MTV3 news leads the way, showing yet again how much contempt they have for the average citizen. The Tundra Tabloids has debated a number of Finnish journalists, think tank contributors and Palestinian activists over the years, and NOT ONE OF THEM have proven to be a worthwhile adversary. You throw some basic facts at their overheated boiler-plate accusations, and watch them melt from the exchange after a few tries.
One well known Finnish journalist, Hannu Reime, from YLE, ended up telling the TT that he is in fact an activist journalist, just before he abruptly ended the debates with yours truly. He was no match, because they can never be a match for the truth, the only shot they have to promote their warped views, is to be in positions of power like the media and then play victim. KGS

H/T: Vasarahammer & Kumtitonttu

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