Olmert Believes Hamas is Acting Against Islamic Values, Asks Gazans to Help Out…….

But wait a minute there Olmert, even if some, or most of the population of Gaza disagrees with the current policies of Hamas (they don’t), what pious Muslim is going to risk being seen acting upon the wishes of an Israeli PM?

This shows just how out of touch the Israeli PM Ehud Olmert is concerning Islam:

“Olmert: Gaza’s residents, don’t let the Hamas murderers, who are acting against the values of Islam, put you in danger,” Olmert said in an interview with the UAE-based al-Arabiya television news channel. […]

Is killing innocent children the spirit of Islam? Is it firing missiles at kindergartens and on civilians? I don’t think this is the spirit of Islam. Hamas is the main reason for your suffering, for the suffering of all of us.”

The delusional ramblings of a politician who dares not consider the unpleasant reality that, Hamas is indeed acting according to Islamic values. Israelis for the most part, still cling to the fiction that there is a moderate Islam to work with, even though any such thinking has the consistency of helium. The stark reality about Islam is just too difficult for most to swallow, which is why they continue to offer these incredibly absurd statements about that desert ideology. More here.

Meanwhile, Israel keeps getting shelled, and Israeli politicians keep scratching their heads as to why Muslim Arabs refuse to let go of their dream of trying to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. The answer to that question stares them in face every day, when the Muezzin calls the Islamic faithful to prayer. KGS

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