Finnish Court Moves To Deport Two Somalis, Chairman of the Finnish Somali League Cries Foul…….

Well it’s about time. But the TT isn’t holding it’s breath, not with the likes of Said Karshe Aden, whining about how it’s “not fair to deport undesirables”. Remember folks, according to the broken record mantra of the multiculturalists, the problems always lie elsewhere.

YLE: “Societal problems are not solved by deporting one or two people that have come here as children. The roots of the problem lie elsewhere. These people should instead be rehabilitated and helped,” says Aden.”

But hey Sherlock, what about those who refuse to be rehabilitated, should society -for some misguided reason- continue to house and feed these idiots indefinitely, whether it’s on the dole or in the clink? What’s the sense in Finnish society paying for others to continually abuse it, when it’s under no moral obligation to do so?

The mere fact that “integrated” immigrants like, Said Aden, dare to even demand such a thing, shows the actual “zero” gratitude that exists in the immigrant community, for Finland’s generosity in opening up its society to refugees and immigrants in general.

It’s in the Tundra Tabloids opinion that any one, immigrant or otherwise, who even dares to suggest that society is morally obligated to shell shell out money to house and feed immigrant criminals, should be placed in stocks in the city square and pelted with rotten tomatoes. The utter foolishness and lack of grattitude by some people is truly amazing. KGS

YLE: The Supreme Administrative Court has upheld a decision to deport Somali youths who were earlier found guilty of committing a series of crimes in Finland.

The court also considered deporting a third Somali youth for similar offences. However, the court found his deportation would be inappropriate as he came to Finland at the age of ten and has lived here for sixteen years.

All of the men had been found guilty of a series of crimes as and had received terms of imprisonment or fines. They had appealed a decision first made in 2005 for their expulsion.

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