Little Mosque on the Prairie Spreads its Propaganda to Finland…….

Like we didn’t have enough propaganda already.
The Tundra Tabloids has been meaning to blog on the Canadian rip-off series, Little Mosque on the Prairie for a while now, and after watching Wednesday’s episode, I feel that there’s no time like the present.
Like I said, it’s a rip-off series, that basically steals (or should I say ‘borrows heavily’) from the original American series, that was based on the Laura Ingalls Wilder’s best-selling series of Little House on the Prairie books.
This is nothing more than Muslim religious proselytizing (Dawa) in the guise of a sit-com, that plays on the naivety of the viewers, as well as presenting non-Muslims as well meaning simpletons and closet racists. I’d rather see a series called “A Fist Full of Jihad” or “Fatwa 101” that uses under cover methods that accurately depict what Islamic religious centers are teaching their followers. Now that would be as interesting as it would be revealing.
But never mind, anyone suggesting such a thing would be automatically ostracized from the film industry as a racist and a bigot, in spite of the fact that many of the mosques are being run by fundamentalists. Here in Europe, at the behest of the EU, television must aire shows that depict Muslims in a good light, no matter if they are proselytizing for Islam. It’s state sponsored Dawa, meant to get your mind straight and prepared to accept even more….Islam.

In Wednesday’s episode, for example; 1.) Reverend McGee leases a parish office space to an Imam who is starting an Islamic book store and Mosque. My how tolerant.2.) A Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) arrives in town for some fishing, and in the first minute of the exchange in the diner, she’s from an agency that “targets Muslims” and found to be both a liar and ignorant about Islam. In the end, the vacationing CSIS agent visits the “Little Mosque” and both the patron of the diner, as well as the young Imam of the mosque find out that there is nothing suspicious about each other. Bla bla bla. Here’s the list of some of the cast’s descriptions:

“Reverend McGee, an Anglican minister. He’s happy to rent out his parish hall to teh Muslim community. He closely follows the messages of love and tolerance as taught by Jesus, which often brings him into conflict with the church hierarchy.” “Babar is a Pakistani-Canadian in his fifties an considered the one true spiritual leader of the community. He’s all for diversity and tolerance, as long as it’s completely on his terms. He is the community’s most conservative Muslim, but still can’t help voting liberal in the town’s cvc elections.” “Mayor Ann Popowicz mayor, pragmatic to teh core. She loves the growing Muslim population as long as they vote for her! It’s not that Ann doesn’t have a religious bone in her body, it’s just located to close to her funny bone.””Fred Tupper is the town’s own Rush Limbaugh. Fred uses us daily talk show “Wake Up People” to fuel people’s suspicions about the growing Muslim community. If accuse of intolerance, Fred would claim that he only says things people don’t like to hear. Fred describes himself as a textbook Libertarian: Like most bigots.”

You get the picture. This is “whine and point the finger time” while spreading the message of Mo, with much if it being sponsored by the infidel tax payer. Here in Finland, we pay a television fee, so that YLE can feed us nonsense like this. If there ever was a reason to stop paying those yearly fees to the Finnish state, it’s this. KGS

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