German Writer and Holocaust Survivor: ‘Mosques are ‘land grab, Not a Place of Prayer’…….

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan: ” The minarets are our bayonets; the domes are our helmets Mosques are our barracks, the believers are soldiers This holy army guards my religion Almighty Our journey is our destiny, the end is martyrdom..”

People are going to have to wake up and realize the truth about historical and present day Islam, that they are both one in the same. It takes an aged German Jewish Holocaust survivor to dare speak the truth, the man simply and correctly observes that the mosque cannot be confused with that of church, synagogue or Buddhist temple, for the reasons, aims and goals behind setting up a mosque are far more reaching than Muslims who want them, dare admit. KGS

Timesonline: The building of huge mosques throughout Germany is nothing short of a “a bid for power and influence, a land grab”, according to Ralph Giordano, 85, the German Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor, in an interview with The Times that is likely to stir Muslim anger.

The comments from Mr Giordano came as the Muslim community of Cologne – about 120,000 strong – prepared to lay the foundation stone for yet another giant mosque, one of more than a hundred that are being planned or built across the country.

Barely six weeks ago another mosque, capable of accommodating 1,200 worshippers, was opened in Duisburg in the nearby Ruhr region of northwest Germany.

Spiky minarets are starting to punctuate the German urban skyscape – and the rumble of discontent from nonMuslim Germans is growing louder. One result is that the issue of immigration seems sets to be on the agenda in the general election next year. The Christian Democrats resolved this week that the German language should be anchored in the constitution – seen as a slight by the three million Turks who live in the country.

When I first saw the blueprints for the grand mosque in Cologne, I was shocked,” said Mr Giordano, who is now very active in the campaign against Turkish mosque-building. “It sent a completely wrong signal, it was a bid for power and influence, a land grab, not a place of prayer, so I told the mayor: Stop this mosque now!” That was in a public discussion that was filmed and placed online. The result was, he says, an avalanche of many hundred of supportive letters.

“They all struck the same note: Mr Giordano we are afraid as you are of this creeping Islamification but we can’t say anything in public because we will end up being branded as neo-Nazis.” The novelist and essayist pauses for effect. “Well, that’s something that cannot be pinned on me!”

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