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Silver Tongue Tariq Ramadan Gets a Challenge to Debate…….

In what would promise to be an interesting debate between the two “Tariqs” will most likely never take place, because Tariq Ramadan is far to clever to be cornered into such an arrangement. It would prove to be way to dangerous for the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, to be up against someone like Tarek Heggy.
TR would be in danger of ruining his carefully manicured image as the “Martin Luther of Islam”, and since he is already the toast of Europe, he has everything to lose from such a confrontation, and nothing to gain.

FPM: “I am fully ready to have a public debate with Tariq Ramadan to make it patently clear that the man does not know 1% of what a world-class scholar must know.” This challenge comes from another Tarek, the Egyptian intellectual Tarek Heggy.

He finds it a mystery why Europe keeps on listening to people like Ramadan and why many European intellectuals and politicians consider him the best Islamic intellectual. This is the reason why I asked Heggy to comment on some quotations from Ramadan’s speeches, books and videos. Here you find an illuminating clarification of the Islamist intellectual movement.

Tariq Ramadan:“For years I have heard people saying: ‘Be careful with Tariq Ramadan because he has one message in French; and a different one for when he speaks Arabic in the suburbs.’ Go and try to speak Arabic in the suburbs of France and you won’t have an audience because they don’t know Arabic.”

Tarek Heggy: Like a number of Muslim Brothers, Mr. Ramadan has two messages: one for the non-Arabic speaking audience (such as his views about physical punishment) and different messages in Arabic. The difference between the spirit of these messages is enormous … one would realize the dangers of this phenomenon only if equipped with good command of Arabic and knowledge of Sharia. The only way to reveal this “academic lie” is by directing certain questions to Mr. Ramadan and his peers such as:

a) What do think of the Khilafah system?

b) How you describe the so-called martyrs-operations?

c) Is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a model that you approve?

d) Can we establish in the 21st century an international law and a legal system based on Shari’a?

e) What do think of the status of women in the Islamic jurisprudence and in Muslim societies?

f) What would be the status of non-Muslims in an Islamic state?

g) Can a non-Muslim be the head of the state in Egypt – where your parents came from?

h) What is your overall judgment on Western Civilization and its value system?

I would love to have a public debate with Mr. Ramadan to enable the civilized societies to see what lies under the façade this gentleman and his peers have adopted – and to show people how incomplete (and deformed) their intellectual formations are.

I would most certainly love to be around for that debate, but it’ll never happen, and if it did, it would mean that something had seriously gone wrong with the Islamist agenda in Europe for Tariq Ramadan to take such a risk. But it would be a real fun event to witness upclose, and see the Islamist movement in its last moments, …that’s for sure. KGS

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