British Jews Forced to Hire Private Transportation as Antisemitic Incidents Increase…….

Dancing through that politically correct hoop. Though the religion of peace is not mentioned, its highly doubtful that its members are in no way involved.

JC.com: “Parents of pupils at Britain’s biggest Jewish school are to pay for private buses following a series of incidents on public transport. In one attack last week, a gang threatened to stab a JFS pupil travelling home to Golders Green, North West London.

The attack, which included the boy’s friends being called “Jewish pigs” and “scum“, follows the throwing of stones at bus windows and antisemitic taunts shouted at youngsters.
Parents have now arranged for a private coach, which already travels to the school from East London, to make an additional stop in Golders Green for youngsters who are now too frightened to catch public buses. It costs around £70 a month for each pupil to use the private service, which currently carries 80 children.

JFS headmaster Jonathan Miller said the incident, on Monday last week, had been taken “very seriously” and that staff had given pupils advice on keeping safe outside school grounds.
The school has 2,000 pupils and is thought to spend more than £130,000 a year on security at its site in Kenton, North West London.

Community Security Trust figures show there were 31 attacks on Jewish pupils travelling to or from UK schools last year. Denis MacShane MP, who chaired the 2006 All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry on Antisemitism, said: “The attacks underline the need to tell, not hide, the truth about new antisemitism which poisons minds, to the extent that attacks on Jewish children in North London can take place.

Seeing that the article was written is such a politically correct way, no mention of the culprits back ground, -if ethnic British white kids where the culprits behind the racist attacks, it would have said so- it’s more than reasonable to assume that the perps of the violence are Muslims. It’s disgusting to see that ´the victims cannot even name their attackers without being victimized by society as being unfair…or worse, as a ‘racists’. KGS.

More on Golders Green! Police say they haven’t seen such vandalism in many years.

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