Obama’s ‘advisers’ Prepare the US for Appeasement…….

Obama’s new think tank of ME advisers:
Far more likely to succeed, said former US ambassadors Thomas Pickering and James F. Dobbins, Columbia University scholar Gary G. Sick and 17 other experts, is to “open the door to direct, unconditional and comprehensive negotiations at the senior diplomatic level.”
Everything we warned about is going to become a reality, the US, through sheer ignorance and stupidity, is going to pave the way for a hostile Iran to get its hands on nuclear weapons. All this of course puts an unbearable pressure upon Israel to do the job itself, something of which the US, under Barack Obama, will refuse to do.
We got together to offer the administration a different approach, one that is focused on communication and with a view to making progress over time on a range of issues,”

What a bunch of morons, and I believe I’m speaking what former UN Ambassador John Bolton is thinking right now. We better pray that both Likud and Ha Tikva get some major backing in the upcoming elections in Israel, because Obambi is getting primed by his handlers to embark on a long steady road of appeasement.

You only have to look to North Korea to see how they use ‘negotiations’ as a ruse to drag the situation on while holding out for even more carrots in return for empty promises. This doesn’t look good at all. More here. KGS

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