Pregnant Canadian Women is Denied Premission to Leave Saudi Arabia…….

It’s a proverbial Catch-22. In order for Canadian Foreign Affairs Department officials to be able to help a pregnant Canadian woman, 24 year-old Nathalie Morin, leave Saudi Arabia with her children, they first have to wait for the the appropriate Saudi legal channels to handle the case according to their laws.

In other words, misogynist Saudi officials are keeping this woman captive in ‘The Kingdom’ until she gives birth to her third child, then she will be allowed to leave, but without her children, since Islamic law (Sharia) heavily favors the man. Only then will Canadian officials begin their efforts in trying to get the children reunited with their mother.

Fat chance, unless her ex-husband is proven insane and has no other relatives to take care of the children after he’s institutionalized, this woman hasn’t a snow ball’s chance in Riyadh. She’ll be lucky if granted visiting rights.

Canadian laws cannot help Nathalie Morin without solving legal issues in Saudi: Foreign Affairs

OTTAWA – The Foreign Affairs Department says it has had extensive contact with a pregnant Quebec woman, who wants to leave Saudi Arabia, as it rebutted criticism of a Bloc Quebecois MP that it has ignored her plight. Still, there is nothing the Canadian government can do to bring home 24-year-old Nathalie Morin, Foreign Affairs spokesman Rodney Moore told Canwest News Thursday.

The Saudi father of Morin’s children, one of whom was born in Canada, has the final say over whether the children can leave Saudi Arabia, and unless the couple works out their custody issues, no one can change that fact.


Morin returned to Saudi Arabia with Samir Said Abdallah Ramthi Al-Bishi, a former Concordia University student, and their two children, the second of whom was born in Saudi Arabia. Moore said Morin has “repeatedly expressed her wish that her children” leave Saudi Arabia with her.

But Canadian diplomats have told Morin that she and the children’s father must resolve their child-custody differences “through appropriate Saudi legal channels” before they can do anything to help bring them back to Canada, said Moore. “Under Saudi law, the father must approve the departure of his children from the country. In the absence of this approval, consular officials cannot facilitate the departure of children without contravening Saudi law.”

Nathalie Morin is going to have to face the hard, cold facts of what’s in store, facts that should have been explained to her before she married a Muslim man with dual citizenship, especially from Saudi Arabia. The Tundra Tabloids wishes her the best, but deems her chances of success as being slim or next to none. KGS
From the comment section:
John Sobiesky: “About 4 years ago, I met a woman who was to marry a Saudi, convert and move to Saudi Arabia. I had a long discussion with her and told her she was making a terrible mistake. She refused to believe me. What happened? About a year ago, I asked a friend who had introduced me to her. He said she moved back to the USA and filed divorce papers after about a year. She told him it was the biggest mistake she had ever made and she hated the way she was treated in S.A. I didn’t find out if she had left Islam, but I expect she did. Naive infidel women who become involved with Muslims either have to buy into the big lie Islam is or escape. Pretty pathetic. Fortunately for her, she did not become pregnant. “

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