Pakistani Embezzler Slanders Third Largest Party in Denmark as Racist…….

Bashy Quraishy, self proclaimed ‘human rights’ advocate, launches an attack in English on a youtube video against the Danish People’s Party, in order to draw a larger audience to his cause. ONE BIG YAWN.

According to Steen at the Gates of Vienna: “It should be noted that Quraishy became a non-person in 2003, when it was discovered that his organisation — POEM — embezzled a million kroner in public money.”

That is the big news story here. It’s how an embezzler latches on to the human rights racket, feigns concern for human rights, but whose main goal is to pimp the agenda of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, which is: that the greatest crime in the world is the crime of ….Islamophobia.

There is no such thing as Islamophobia, it’s an word concocted by the Islamists to prohibit any criticism towards Islam. Those that promote the myth of Islamophobia, are the sole arbitors of its meaning, they alone decide what is offensive and what is not. Shaking ol’ Jesse ‘I want to crush Obama’s balls’ Jackson does add to the legitimacy of his cause, if it ever had one.

Check out what the Baron has up and decide for yourself. As far as the Tundra Tabloids is concerned, the man is a charlatan, an embezzler and most certainly not a representative of human rights issues. His job is to erode the Danish People’s Party popularity, not to promote human rights, he’s as much of a con artist as the man who he’s seen chaking hands with. KGS

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