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Charles Johnson Throws Robert Spencer Under the Bus……

UPDATE: Baron Bodissey notes in the TT’s comment section: “Great photoshop job! We’re all together here in the Outer Darkness Club.”
Atlas Shrugs asks:Where’s Fallaci? Wilders is next!” Pamela has more on the Chuckster here.
Another member of the Counterjihad gets excommunicated from Little Green Footballs, as Charles Johnson throws Robert Spencer under his bus. However, Spencer joins a wonderful group of people that have already had the honor of being dumped on by CJ, they have the skid marks of CJ’s bus on their backs for some time now.
The Tundra Tabloids doesn’t have the time now to go into anything further at the moment, but check out Baron Bodissey’s wonderful piece dedicated to the most recent fallen member from grace. A Counterjihad of one. KGS

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  1. Great photoshop job!

    We’re all together here in the Outer Darkness Club.

  2. I never expected this to happen. I thought Robert Spencer could balance things out eventually. I was wrong. I never thought CJ could turn out to be such a petty, narrow-minded internet personality.

    The picture with the little green bus is hilariously funny. Still, you could have put Killgore trout and Medaura inside the bus as well. CJ has his sycophants and his behaviour resembles the way one of the “giants” of Finnish blogosphere behaves.

  3. “Wilders is next!”

    Yes he is. Didn’t Robert Spencer just interview Geert Wilders? This is good enough reason for excommunication.

    But who’ll be the one after Wilders? Killgore Trout or Medaura? Is there anybody left?

  4. At least Robert Spencer joins an illustrious company of blogging greats . Charles Johnson would have trouble joining a queue .

  5. Tell me again why this idiot gets to be the arbiter of who is part of the “legitimate” counter-jihad and who isn’t? Any one of the people who have been thrown under the bus are worth a thousand “Charles Johnsons”.

  6. I never get tired of looking at that photo. Magnificent job!

    Fortunately, the Baron was wearing his dark suit so the tire tracks don’t show.

    BTW, after declaring he was done with our “sewer” evidently he was back today linking in his comments to Fjordman’s late September post.

    He can’t help it. If you’re the praying sort, say a few for his tortured soul. If you’re not, stick a few pins in his voodoo doll…umm, I mean light a candle to chase away his darkness.

    Chazzer is a maroon. He didn’t understand that when you betray so many people, you reveal your character. Well, you reveal it to everyone but the pontificating shrinks.

  7. Thanks to Dymphna and the rest! I’m sure CJ is scratching his head wondering how he will manage to claw his way out of this one.

  8. I quit reading LGF some time ago. Robert Spencer has my deepest respect for his work.

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