Christian Intrigue in Islamic Literature……!

Hey, if Islam can distort both Jewish and Christian texts, then surely it’s fair play when Christians insert their own information into the literature of the followers of Mo, the mad man from the Arabian desert, right?

The Muslims are seething and cringing in horror to discover that the Christian indifel is waging a counter-jihad of their own! Here is what’s flying around the Islamic internet via email, that has gotten the Muslims all in a lather, Christian thought is seeping into Islamic literature. I’m shocked I tell you, simply shocked! A worried follower of Mo:

Assalam alaikum waramatullahi wabarakatuh! Please spread this message like wildfire! May Allah guide from the antics of the unbeliever (Amin). Plsssssssssssssssssssssss Spread……………………… Dear AlBrother/Sister-in-Islam,!!!!! Be careful with this book!!!!!! This thing has to be spread to the whole world. We must fight this massacre which was created by Christian!!! * DO NOT let them to convert many more MUSLIM to CHRISTIAN, Na’udzubillahimindzalik….* DO NOT JUST KEEP this mail in your mailbox. FORWARD TO ALL OUR MUSLIMS..The things they do to lead muslims astray is unbelievable. May Allah protect us all. Let all your relatives/friends know that this book do exist and a copy of it was already sent to MUIS for action. IN ALL SITUATIONS I SAY ALHAMDULILLAH

Offending passage reads: “Jesus A.S. is the Straight Path to be followed.”Long live the counter-jihad. KGSH/T: TV

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