European Manual Outlines Radicalization in Prisons…….

Frightening truth in France: “Muslims make up a large part of the inmate population, — the majority in some prisons.”

So what this means is that, statistically, Muslims are over represented in the French prison system in comparison to their own demographic numbers in French society, as well comprising the majority in some of these prisons. But the Europeans have a clue on how to combat it, and they have a manual to prove it!

Al-AP: “Security officials from several European countries have developed a manual to help prison authorities prevent their jailhouses from becoming incubators for Muslim extremists.
The manual, developed by France, Germany and Austria, includes signs that may indicate that a prisoner was becoming radicalized, including the presence of a growing beard.”

But the manual is not pleasing to all, there’s fear that it will alienate and stigmatize Muslims even more, accompanied with more angst, frustration and an accute form of whining. The dread of it all!

The spokesman for the International Prison Observatory, Hugues de Suremain, voiced fears the manual could further stigmatize Muslim inmates, who lack the range of religious benefits provided to Christians.

Sniff. KGS

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