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Omar Bakri Mohammed’s Family Are Poles Apart…….


Radical cleric’s daughter ditches parents’ extremism, chooses pole dancing instead. Yasmine Bakri: “I don’t agree with his views – I just get on with my life and that’s it…”

BUT WAIT, that’s not all!

“The HATE preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed paid for a boob job which launched his daughter’s pole dancing career, it was revealed last night.”

“He forked out £4,000 in CASH for 27-year-old Yasmin Fostock’s bust-boosting surgery — while living on BENEFITS in the UK. “

So after getting the boob job, it has been reported that Yasmine has taken to pole dancing to suppliment her own meager benifits she receives from the state. But Omar Bakri, the radical, terrorism loving cleric -who is now exiled to Lebanon- is not having it:

“Bakri dismissed the news as a ‘ fabrication’ and described it as an attack on him and Islam. ‘The more you put pressure on me, the stronger I become. Islam will conquer Britain” ”I have not seen my daughter for nine years, but because she is a member of my family people want to make things up about her. “You are going to pay a heavy price. You can read it any way you like. The time is now.”

Mail Online: “Bakri, who said the British people brought the 7/7 outrages on themselves and praised the ‘ magnificent’ September 11 hijackers, raised his six children on benefits totalling £300,000, and his daughter is following suit. She lives with her three-year-old son in a ground-floor flat in Catford, South East London. Her rent and council tax are paid by the state and she receives child benefit and income support.

She grew up a devout Muslim and in her teens wore a veil. She left school in Enfield at 16 after her parents arranged a marriage to a Turk but the couple separated. She told The Sun: ‘I’ve done pole dancing, but I like to keep it quiet. ‘I don’t normally do topless work, but I’m willing to go topless if the venue is right.’

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  1. The inherent problem of fanaticism often stems from the puritan moralist raising the bars of moral purity for others so damn high that they themselves seem to be unable to live up to the expectations of their transcendent Deity. With leads to…hypocrisy.

    Pretty typical, as history has often shown. Religious clergymen try to beat the common people into submitting to moral purity in order to keep the society at large pacified like a herd of sheep, thus laying a guilt trip on people and invoking the wrath of God on them if ”they collectively decide to stray from the right path.” In other words, in the clergyman’s mind, morality is for the masses, not for those who want to enforce it top down, the “moral elites” themselves. Same goes for the mullahs of Iran or the Saudi fiefs.

    Moral supremacy more often than not turns to outright hypocrisy. And Salafis are absolutely no different !

  2. We can only guess where he got the $4k from – I doubt he could save that on the money he embezzles from the UK taxpayer in dole payments.

    ““You are going to pay a heavy price. You can read it any way you like. The time is now.””
    What does that mean – some kind of threat? Does he have foreknowledge of some criminal enterprise – yet does not inform authorities? That is a criminal offence in itself.

    Calling him hypocritical vermin is too good for him.

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