Totally Unacceptable…….

A young boy in Chicago was made to bear the brunt of laughter and ridicule in front of his class mates, by his own school teacher no less. In the Tundra Tabloids opinion, it is sad and very regrettable, and the teacher should be fined and reprimanded and teaching -while on probation- elsewhere, but not fired, like CAIR and the parents of the boy are demanding.

CBS:A Chicago teacher is under fire for singling out the only Muslim student in her class while talking about the Middle East. The teacher has now been reassigned to another school. However, the young boy’s family is demanding answers. CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli reports that the family met behind closed doors at Chicago Public Schools headquarters for two-and-a-half hours in a meeting presided over by a federal mediator. All sides have agreed to meet again next month.

Mohmmad talks about the day his little brother came home from school saying his teacher had singled him out in front of his class as an example of a terrorist. “She used the example of if Saleh were to go on to an airplane, put his backpack down and put two wires together and the plane were to blow up – and she didn’t make a point,” said Christina Abraham, Council on American-Islamic Relations. Saleh Choudhary did not want to go on-camera to talk about the incident, which happened last April while he was a sixth-grader at Brentano Academy, but his brother says the 13-year-old’s life hasn’t been the same since.”

It’s a disgrace, and as the Tundra Tabloids has always made clear, the fight against Islamofacism (jihad ideology) and against creeping sharia into our public democratic system, has never been about race or ethnicity, secular or modernized Muslims, but about an ideology, pure and simple.

But the other downside to this, is that it gives CAIR, –a front group for the Hamas terror group in America- a measure of legitimacy, after it has been seen as helping to address the (justified) plight of this little boy. But lets be clear about this, CAIR is not a civil rights group any more than the NRA is the umbrella organization for PETA.

The fight against the jihad ideology and the purist version of Islam is difficult enough already without some bone headed teacher helping the Islamists prove their worth in American society. While the incident is indeed regrettable, Muslims however, do not face an onslaught of discrimination that CAIR has been beating its drum about. The politicians and public institutions have been busy bending backwards for the Muslim community for years after 9/11, even to the point of stupidity. Foot baths anyone?

What I see coming from this incident, is the false cries of “outrage and indignation” for more “rights” denied everyone else, but nonetheless offers the Islamic community a more preferable position in society. Just you wait, this isn’t the last we have heard about this. Ibrahim Hooper is going to milk this case for all he can, and the media will let him, just wait and see.

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