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Morocco: Fatwa Deems 9 Year Old Girls as Sexually Ripe…….

(ANSAmed) – RABAT, SEPTEMBER 8 – “A nine-year-old girl has the same sexual capacities like a woman of twenty and over”. Thus reads a fatwa issued by Skeikh Mohamed Ibn Abderrahmane Al-Maghraoui, according to Moroccan daily ‘Aujourd’hui Le Maroc’. This immediately sparked off a hot debate, with most of the public opinion absolutely against this stance which is a permit for paedophilia, many say, among other things.”

But if one is a true follower of Mohamed, and believes that he is the supreme example of human character, then Mo’s own paedophilia is by default, deemed “honorable and moral” and sets the example for the rest of the faithful.

Now the TT realizes that there are Moroccans (as well as a host of other Muslims throughout the world) most likely upset over the fatwa, and would like nothing better than to just make the practice go away. But theirin lies the rub, and the crux to the whole issue of “moderate” Islam Vs. stricter interpretations of Islam.

If the words and deeds of the prophet of Islam are examples of his supreme character, then anyone taking a dissenting view of his example, are deemed apostates by the purists, who have the Qur’an and Hadiths and Sira to back them up. It’s a losing battle for those in a religion called Islam, read = SUBMIT. For to do otherwise, automatically puts the person at risk of being cast out, or worse…killed. More here. KGS

From the Sheik: When we say Muhammad had sex with 9 year old child, Muslims brush it away and bring all sorts of excuses to justify this shameful act. This is the nature of blind faith and cognitive dissonance. Maybe by visualizing it, some of them will would come to their senses and realize how evil this fiend they call prophet, was. There is not a single proof that this man was a prophet while there are tons of evidences that he was an evil man.

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