Al-Qaida in Gazastan Questions Hamas’ Islamist Credentials…….

Hamas must be slipping! Though they have intimidated its Christian minority, they have yet to impose the jizya tax on them, with humiliation of course. I guess trying to run a paradise Islamist state of their very own is proving to be more difficult than they first imagined. They can’t seem to please everybody, not enough heads have rolled to satisfy their Islamist brothers.
J’lem Post: A shadowy Palestinian group inspired by al-Qaida threatened the Gaza Strip’s Hamas rulers on Sunday, demanding that their jailed leader be released. The Army of the Nation said that it would use its “own means” to free Abu Hafs Makdisi, although it did not specify exactly what it would do. The statement was posted on a militant Web site on Sunday. Makdisi was jailed last week after he criticized Hamas for not strictly imposing Islamic law in Gaza. Hamas, itself an Islamic group, has controlled Gaza since June 2007.
A clue for the journalist, they’re all “shadowy”, just take a look at their spooky face masks. I’ll wager that the Islamists will finally work things out, after some blood has flowed. But one things for sure, if the Hamas doesn’t dust off its Islamist credentials soon enough, there will be other big boys waiting in the wings to pick up where they left off. KGS

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