Dutch Double Standard Reeks of Sharia as Court Convicts Webmaster For Racism…….

There is no other way to interpret the Dutch government’s iron fisted treatment of a local webmaster, because someone had left nasty comments on his site. The Baron notified me about the situation, and the Tundra Tabloids is more than willing to do its share, to help ensure that our freedom of speech here in Europe doesn’t go the way of the Dodo bird.

Left up to the schemes and plots of our multicultural elitists here in Europe, we in the blogosphere, will be soon gagged, bound and quartered (or is it flogged, cross amputated and crucified) before too long. The MC/PC elite are just salivating over how best to quash all dissent to their ultimate goals of mass Muslim Immigration. Shall the crackdown, slap down be done piecemeal or through a series of major operations? The Baron sets the recent scene for us:

Baron Bodissey: The first notice he received that he was criminally liable for the material posted was when the police came to arrest him — there was no prior request to remove the insulting writings. To add to the injustice, far more offensive and provocative material is routinely posted on Islamist forums and is never subjected to any punishment.

H. Numan pointed out that by attacking a small, little-known website, the Dutch government has managed to set a precedent for the suppression of free speech on the Internet. We should expect them to employ this precedent to go after larger and more well-known sites like Gregorius Nekschot and GeenStijl.

If enough bad publicity is created, the Dutch government may back down from its position, so H. Numan wants to help spread the word beyond the Dutch-language sites, and has asked Gates of Vienna to help. Late last night he wrote this in an email:

I know the webmaster of rechtser.com personally. He is conservative, but definitely not an extremist, as the media would like everybody to believe.He works in security, and as mentioned in the other links, the judge sentenced him to this ‘mild’ sentence as he would otherwise lose his job. Even for a left-wing judge that was taking matters too far. Had he been employed in other work, he probably would have sentenced at least twice as heavily.He has fourteen days to appeal. A lot of support is coming his way now. Most of it letters of support, but also legal advice and money to help him pay for his appeal.The system in Holland allows pro deo lawyers. Usually not the very best. But… this is based on one’s income. Only if you are really poor you can sue pro deo. If you are not absolutely destitute, you cannot. Which means that anybody over the poverty level and below the upper class is for all practical purposes not allowed to qualified legal assistance, and cannot afford to appeal.

And Fjordman had this to say on the topic:- – – – – – – –

What this means is that Dutch authorities are giving in to demands from Islamic countries and are kneeling at the feet of their new Muslim masters. There can be no doubt that there is considerable political pressure on the police and others to enforce Multicultural speech codes and silence dissenters among the natives.Since we see clearly that Muslims can post negative remarks about the natives, but the natives are not allowed to post negative remarks about Islamic culture, this means that the natives are de facto second-rate citizens in their own country. This is coincidentally the status that they are supposed to have according to sharia law, which means that the authorities are now enforcing sharia law.We had a case in Utrecht where the Dutch natives protested against violence from immigrant gangs. They were immediately crushed by the authorities, who do nothing to protect the natives against immigrant violence.The same thing happened in Brussels, where gangs of Muslim immigrants harass the natives on a daily basis. We have had several recent cases where native girls have been gang raped by immigrants in the heart of the EU capital, yet when the natives wanted to protest against the Islamization of their continent, the demonstration was banned by the Socialist mayor of Brussels, whose ruling party is heavily infiltrated by Muslims. Those who attempted to carry on with a peaceful protest were arrested by the police.These incidents demonstrate that the elites and the authorities throughout Western Europe are now dedicated to implementing continued mass immigration and Multiculturalism no matter what the natives think. If they object, they will be silenced. The Dutch voted “no” to the proposed EU Constitution, as did the Irish and the French voters, but they are simply ignored. At the same time, the EU elites obediently respond to calls from Islamic countries to ban “stereotypes and prejudice” targeting Islam.This shows that the European political elites implement the agendas of our enemies and ignore the interests of their own people. They are thus collaborators and traitors and should be treated accordingly. The problem is that they currently feel quite comfortable and secure. They fear the reactions of Muslims, but despise their own people who they view as sheep, existing only to provide them with champagne and nice cars and to be guinea pigs in their grandiose social experiments.Change will only come when they fear the anger of native Europeans more than they fear Muslims. This means that we must put pressure on them. We should prepare lists of dhimmi collaborators and make perfectly clear that these people are going to stand trial for what they have done. They should not be allowed to hide in the Bahamas with our tax money when the s**t hits the fan.

And yes, the s**t can indeed hit the fan if the authorities keep on treating their indigenous populations as mushrooms, “kept in the dark and fed a bunch of crap“. The Dutch state is simply acting in accordance to their masters’ wishes in the OIC, (Eurabia comes to mind) which seeks to clamp down on all dissent and (oh dread) …offence of Islam. Let’s make sure they don’t get away with it, for I find their arrogance and slavish attitude towards Islam not only disgusting, but offencive as well. KGS

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