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Quotes of The Day…….

Here are a couple of quotes I’ve come across over the last 24 hrs., they’re real keepers. Really!

Take for example Ali Sina, proprietor of the Faith Freedom International website who slammed the notion in a J’lem Post interview, that Islam can somehow be reformed:

“With violent conquest and contempt for non-believers central to the tenets of the faith, Sina argues, attempts to forge a moderate form of Islam are doomed. It’s like saying we can reform Nazism and it will be a wonderful party.

Pat Condell in a recent video titled “Islam’s war on freedom”:

Just when you think the United Nations couldn’t get anymore useless, something called the Organization of Islamic Conference, -which is a fancy way of saying “a Saudi funded cartel of Islamic dictatorships”- have been allowed to hijack the United Nations Human Rights Council thus rendering it instantly and permanently worthless.

Nevertheless, with all the plotting predictability of a Hollywood car chase, their first order of business was to pass a resolution, banning criticism of Islam and sharia, and by extension of their own barbaric regimes, with all the stonings and beheadings, amputations and female genital mutilation that so disgusts everyone in the civilized world.

In other words they’ve tried to make it “illegal to criticize evil”. A bit like abolishing penicillin because the bacteria are offended.”

How true, how true indeed. Here is Pat Condell’s vid, which is classic Condell, enjoy. KGS

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  1. This article states, that in UK it is finally legal to describe God, Jesus and Joseph (plus presumably other persons mentioned in the Bible) whatever words one likes with. So blasphemy is not possible which in a way makes sense; for what does God need protection by the court?

    It is unclear if the same order is now covering Allah, which – in person – is the same as God of Christians. At least if we read Koran, which says Jesus was a prophet. Well, I’d bet Koran does not mean Jesus was a wrong prophet. And as we know, Jesus was talking about the God of Jews, which in turn is the same God of Christians.

    I’d like to see what happens, if someone in UK is brave enough to challenge this new rendition of blasphemy using Allah and Mohammed instead of Jesus and God.

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