CAMERA: NY Times Defends Slur of Brigitte Gabriel While it Bleeds Readers…….

CAMERA: New York Times Public Editor Clark Hoyt defends his paper’s labeling of Brigitte Gabriel as a “radical Islamophobe.” (Click here for CAMERA’s earlier blog about this) He disingenuously writes that:

“Solomon had gone over the edited transcript with Gabriel before it was published,” and Gabriel “had no problems with the questions or the answers, as depicted in the piece.” However, the slur “radical Islamophobe” wasn’t in the article itself, but in the Table of Contents blurb promoting the article. For Hoyt to write that Gabriel agreed the questions and answers in the article were accurate doesn’t in the least mean that she accepted as true the label of “radical Islamophobe.” And it also doesn’t mean that she didn’t think the questions were for the most part preposterous. It just means that the article reflected what was asked and answered.”

Also news worthy is the fact that the Grey Lady, the NY Times is losing readership in droves, losing 10% in the month of July alone. So I guess that the NYT’s bashing of a good Arab person who thinks Islamic jihadism is a pressing issue, will not lift their sagging numbers any time soon. The Grey Hag is slowly but surely driving itself out of business. It couldn’t come sooner. I just wish that the Finnish newspaper giant, the Helsingin Sanomat would be experiencing the very same. There is always hope KGS

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