New Revelations of B.Hussein Obama’s Nefarious Connections…….

Pamela over at Atlas Shrugs has just informed the Tundra Tabloids about B.Hussein Obama’s latest troubling connections with a person of dubious character.

Seeing that Obama is heavily connected with the “political machine” in Chicago, the old stomping grounds of “Al-Capone“, it should come as little surprise that B.Hussein Obama has been associated with all types of “less than honorable” personalities.

It’s been proven that Obama has had a history of contacts with the former terrorist, Bill Ayers, who remains unrepentant of his deeds committed back in the 60’s and 70’s, as well as the Weatherman’s agenda for a LEFTIST revolution in the US.

Now, after his 20 yr. association with the racist African Amercian preacher, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has come to light, we find out that he has a possible relationship with the racist, Dr. Khalid al Mansour. Just how far does this rabbit hole go?

Atlas Shrugs: “Richard Fernanadez over at Fallback Belmont has a very curious piece on the ever changing Obama narrative. Carpenter’s jawdropper, Are Khalid al Mansour and Obama Friends?, asks more questions than it answers but Wretchard’s twist on just which Mansour we are talking about is a whole other thing.I often wondered where Obama got the money for his long strange trip. But this, Dr. Khalid al Mansour development is …. outta hand.

Watch these videos. Stunning indictment. He’s a total racist akin to Obama’s best buds Louis Farrakhan and Reverend Wright.

Check Mansour’s diatribe video against the Jews here.
Video Dr. Mansour’s “The Birth and Death of Christianity: posted by Muslims by choice here.
And this video, uploaded by IslamStudios and titled “Christians Designed Discrimination:”

Pamela has more on the story here. Check it all out! KGS

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