Al-Qaida Terrorists Caught Before Flying to Finland…….

Three men who are suspected of sending threats to kill British PM, Gordon Brown, are now sitting in a British jail. Of interest to Scandinavians, is that two of the men apprehended were on there way to boarding a flight to Finland. What’s that you say, “Finland”….why in the world would they….? No land is safe from terrorism or from terrorists plotting their next move. It’s a good wake up call for the “fence sitters”.

Al-Beeb: “The arrests of three men over terror offences are linked to an investigation into threats to kill Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the BBC has learned. The threats, also against former prime minister Tony Blair, were made in January on a recognised jihadi website. The group posting the statement called itself “Al Qaeda in Britain” and demanded the withdrawal of British forces from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The men were arrested at Manchester Airport and in Accrington, Lancashire. They were held in connection with the website threats, which included a demand for the release of Muslim prisoners from Belmarsh high-security prison in London. Two of the men were about to board a flight to Finland. Counter-terrorist officers from Greater Manchester and Lancashire are now in Scandinavia continuing their investigations. The arrests were a joint operation between Lancashire Police and Greater Manchester Counter Terrorism Unit.”

I wonder if Abdullah Tammi and Finnish Islamic Islamist Party know of the two men, -and lets take it one step further- and were preparing rooms for their stay? Just wondering. KGS

H/T Jussi

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