Flash From The Past But Still Relevant…….

Here’s something I received today from the blogger Vasarahammer, that’s a bit outdated, but don’t let that throw you off. Just when you thought you’ve seen and read just about everything there is to see and read about the Hamas and their negligence of the Gazan infrastructure, something new (just a tad off the shelf) comes along.
Spectator UK: (30.04.08)”Yesterday, I visited the Southern Israeli town of Sderot. Being perched on the border with Gaza, it’s subjected to a constant barrage of rockets from Hamas and their associates. A few stream-of-consciousness observations and thoughts below – all lifted from my notebook and from conversations with Sderot locals – as well as some photographs and video footage”
But as Vasarahammer pointed out to me: ” Especially the following piece was interesting”:
“Hamas are tearing Gazan infrastructure apart to ensure the rockets keep falling on Israeli heads. Why are there no traffic lights in Gaza? Because the pipes which support them are being cut up and made into Qassams. Why is the Gazan drainage and sewage system so substandard? Same reason.”
Of course, all of this is allowed to go on because the West holds the Third World-especially the Palestinian portion- to a totally different level of expectations. It’s racist to say the least, but they do so with the “kindest of intentions” because like little children, they can’t be expected to behave as adults. KGS

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