US Ambassador John Bolton Nails Al-Jazeera’s Avi Lewis…….

The ever pompous, Avi Lewis gets his butt kicked by John Bolton in an interview on Al-Jazeera. Lewis is a Marxist who lives out a “We are the World” existence in which the US is the chief “evil doer” in the world. Yeah riiiiight. It was a typical Lewis interview, and his half-baked questions couldn’t even come close to derailing the seasoned John Bolton, he simply answered Lewis’ tripe, and made him to look like an idiot. Well done John!

Personally, I believe that Bolton was amused by the superficial questions asked by the interviewer, who really blew a chance to conduct a top level interview of such an important man. One thing is clear, Bolton will most likely turn down a future request to do an interview by the Canadian, not because of the questions, but from the lack of intellectual stimulation and rational hard ball questioning. KGS

Part 1.

Part 2.

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