Iran WMD's

International Politics For Dummies: Launch of Dummy Satellite Puts Iran One Step Closer…….

As Iran launches its “dummy satellite, the World ponders more dummy sanctions. Iran could care less because time is on their side, the more the West talks about more talks and sanctions, the better for Iran.
Wake up people! KGS

J’lem Post: “The US is concerned over Iran’s claim that it had successfully test-launched a rocket capable of carrying a satellite to outer space, White House National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe said Sunday night. The launch is worrying and raises questions regarding Iran’s intentions, Johndroe said. He added that rockets of the type Iran tested on Sunday could also double as ballistic missiles and carry payloads and that the test-launch was not in keeping with commitments Iran gave in the past to the UN Security Council.

Israeli security officials were quoted by Israel Radio as saying that even though a successful test-launch was no cause for panic in Israel, it did mean that Iran was making strides in its missile capabilities. “Whoever can launch a satellite to space can also launch heavy payloads to very far distances,” the unnamed source said. Iran’s announcement, the source added, should serve as warning for Europe more than Israel, which has been within range of Iran’s ballistic missiles before Sunday’s announcement.

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